Why SEO Is Now Considered Search Experience Optimization

More and more in the past couple of years, search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing have recently been focusing on upgrading their algorithms in order to provide the best possible end-user experience. On the other hand, because their algorithms innately rely on little automated search bots, it has always been very difficult for them to be able to simulate the actions of an actual human user.

Due to this, they simply cannot boost the major search engines results as best as possible because they do not have the right kind of technology to do so. Instead, the algorithms place a considerable emphasis on the several things that could impact the end user’s experience including the authority of the website, the mobile optimization, the website structure, and the quality/quantity of content.

In this article, I’ll be covering some of the several ways that the major search engines are heading for a change and will explain Why SEO Is Now Considered Search Experience Optimization  rather than Search Engine Optimization.

Techniques It Will Change:

The number one thing that you’re heading for as an online site owner and marketer is trying to provide real answers to real questions that searchers are asking the search engines.

You want to make certain that you are providing real answers to your audience because that is the only way to get high search positions in the search engines. Because the search engines make a concentrated effort to truly rank the maximum quality website’s, you are going to want to ensure that you are providing real answers to real questions that are to be asked.

You will want to think with regards to your possible visitors at every single stage of the marketing process. You want to try to determine what people are looking for, whether or not you are properly answering it, and whether or not you are valuable enough that it is likely that they will revisit your site.

2. Get A Grip On Mobile.

Other ways that the whole shift to the experience has transformed SEO is the reality that search engines are now relying more on mobile each and every update. Search engine providers like Yahoo and Bing know and understand the importance of mobile on their business.

The truth is, more and more people are using mobile devices. You’ll see that in the quickly coming years Mobile Search will better 75% of all searches. Mainly because of this, you as a marketer are heading to want to actually accept mobile and set a primary focus for your complete marketing strategy geared towards embracing it.

Unless of course, you have optimized your website for mobile traffic, you are not going to have a boost from the search engines. Actually, you are likely to get downgraded for the simple fact that you are not going to be providing a quality ending user experience for people who are arriving or landing on your website.

For that reason, you will want to really make sure that you are completely focused on mobile users and make it as easy and effective as is possible for them to navigate your website with a mobile device.

3. Don’t Forget Social Media.

Additionally, it is important to really put a substantial emphasis on your social media marketing strategy as well. Irrespective of how dry or slow your business is, you will want to be regularly engaging with your possible and current customers on the social platforms.

This is going to allow the search engines to have the Social Proof that they need to be able to really effectively rank your website where it belongs. The more links you have sent back to your website from social media and a lot more mentions you have, the better your overall rating will be.

This is because search engine providers know and understand that social media is a critical point for all those users and a lot more you are engaging them.

The more you are engaging your potential clients the more likely it is that you are effectively providing content on a regular basis. Thus, the higher they are going to want to rank your website.

While you can see, the user experience has really altered how clean, effective SEO is implemented. Be sure that you are concentrating on all of the factors above and you will really achieve great results.

Now you know Why SEO Is Now Considered Search Experience Optimization, and should always be known as such if you’re serious about adding value to the net.