Is There A Best SEO Software?


This is such a loaded question let’s talk about the most important factor involved before discussing Which SEO Software is Best. Let’s talk about the “Why” first.

Why are you looking for SEO software in the first place?

Are you a Pro SEO or Agency and looking for heavy duty enterprise software to run your agency or are you a lone wolf SEO like myself who just likes to stay as efficient as possible? Are you an Affiliate Marketer looking for tools to make your job a little easier? These are all questions that matter and should be answered before you move into the particulars about SEO Software and Tools.

The reason you should answer the above questions first is because all tools are not the same. Which SEO Software Is Best? Well, my SEO tool house is much different than a good buddy of mine that runs a 6 figure a month agency. His focus is on Enterprise level SEO Software and tools that allow multiple users, have huge a range of analytics and can handle massive amounts of data with ease. I’m in the same game, handling the same caliber of clientele but I can accomplish the same mission with a handful of (some free SEO software tools) Saas tools. If you’re a DIY Business Owner you probably have no clue what you need to start or where or maybe even why? Information overload can happen quick if you’re this guy. An affiliate marketer (which I also dabble a bit in) will be more interested in conversion software and tools that make the sale once they drive the traffic to their site.

The answer to the question is simple once you decide where you are in the mix of things. Which SEO Software Is Best? The best SEO Software is the software that fits your exact needs at the current time.

SEO Marketing software will give you the best and most efficient way to optimize your websites, track rankings, develop content, handle submissions and other processes that are important to capitalizing on website monetization.
FYI: Every search engine software developer has developed the best product available so don’t be surprised when they all claim to be number one. Keep in mind what we discussed earlier, the best search engine optimization software is the tool or tools that assist you on your level of expertise.

There are so many different types of software available that I’m only going to make a couple of recommendations during this article. However, the reason you’re reading this article is because you’re on a site that has tons of choices broken down into the categories that we discussed above.

Pay attention to these key factors when searching for software and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.
Easy To Scale

You should choose an SEO tool that is capable of creating a well integrated, continuous and automated SEO process.  A good SEO tool is the one that acts as a core system for managing all SEO related activities.  Make sure that the SEO software you choose is recent and up to date with your niche.

Link Building

Links are the basic necessity of any website. More the number of links, more active and productive is the website. Hence, the SEO tool should be capable of managing the existing links to your website and find high-quality link sources.

Adaptation and updates

Check for a software that provides automatic updates. Avoid buying the one that does not provide upgrades.  The reason behind this is search engines always upgrade their system and make the ranking algorithms much complicated.  Outdated SEO techniques result in lesser productivity and are considered spam in some cases. A good SEO tool should always provide frequent updates and stay in line with search engine requirements.

Rank checker

The SEO tool should be able to perform a variety of SEO related activities such as – measuring traffic, tracking the website rank, checking the popularity of the website on social media and other things. The SEO tool should be able to generate different types of comprehensive reports by collecting relevant data, evaluating the progress of an SEO campaign and furnish essential data to the clients.

Keyword research

Keyword research and optimization plays a very important role in website optimization. The SEO tool should be able to analyze and optimize the keywords and suggest alternate ones if needed. Keyword optimization determines if your website gets traffic from that keyword or not.  Hence, the SEO tool should have a great integration capability with other keyword research techniques.

Customer support

Choose a company that provides expert advice within reasonable parameters.  The company’s philosophy on customer support will help you in knowing how reliable and genuine the company is.  The customer support team should do their job professionally, without the need of continual guidance and clarifications.

SEO market is always flooded with SEO tools that ensure huge traffic and profits in less time. Rather than choosing such tools, choose the one that people have used and are satisfied with.  Go through product reviews and active online forums to know about the quality of the SEO tool.
A few Must Have Recommendations and Areas To Explore for:

SEO Firms and Lone Wolf SEOs

Ahrefs: Must have for any SEO serious about value in backlinks
Majestic: I burn this site up researching for clients
SEMRush: Awesome Analytics and great for competitor research
DIY Business Owners

I’m going to give my buddy Rand (The Wizard of Moz) all the props for creating one of the most user-friendly areas for noobies ( New Guys, beginner.. you get it) If you have NO CLUE what SEO is all about this is a great beginner area just for you

Start Here:
The Best Online Tool I could recommend for a new DIY’er would be:
Google Analytics:
Go here and start poking around and start learning the in’s and out’s of basic analytics.
The secret here to not try to understand everything but to take massive action and get involved in something. It will happen for you just don’t give up.

Affiliate Marketers:

You have to know what’s trending and where the next big thing is coming from so you can get there first.
To find out, go here → Buzz Sumo: for keeping up with trends
You know who your competition is.
Do you want to know their keywords? Keyword Spy:

There are so many SEO Marketing Software tools available that it can be overwhelming to try to take them all in. Don’t get caught up by Shiny Object Syndrome and lose your day just sifting thru software. Find something that fits your need. Get comfortable with it and stick with it.

Productivity Pays Way More Than Curiosity in our world.

One last thought.

Give some consideration to outsourcing small SEO jobs to places like Fiverr and My Favorite SEO Marketplace. Not only will it save you time but sometimes it’s the small tweaks and processes that can make the most difference.

More ab0ut outsourcing your SEO Here: Outsourcing SEO Jobs