Shiny Object Syndrome And How To Avoid It


What Is Shiny Object Syndrome

Internet marketing is all about using current technology and trends to create a plan and outsmart the competition online. It takes lots of research and taking note of what today’s audience wants in a particular niche to determine what goes into a strategy.

Unfortunately, many marketers fall for “shiny object syndrome”. This means that they may be attracted to new buzzwords, trends, and channels and believe that they must use them for their audience.

Here are some things to think about before adding any new and cool concept to your marketing plan.

While “shiny object syndrome” can be fun, exciting, and unforeseen, the challenge lies with the fact that the marketers that jump at the chance to be able to use them before checking them out.

Only the fact that they are new and “shiny” means that they are “hot” and really should be used to blow away both the audience and their opponents.

This can backfire on the marketer if it’s really not interesting to the audience, or even more serious, it prevents them from getting the valuable information that they need.

Visitors will leave sites in a heartbeat if they can’t find the information that they need, no matter how “hip” the marketing is.

What Is Shiny Object Syndrome you ask, well Consider your current business strategy before trying new concepts.

Determine the problems that you are trying to solve, how you will reach your customers, the volume of visitors that use your information, your digital marketing resources, and whether you are considered a professional.

If these new concepts do not fit within all the goals that you have for these considerations, you chance having your marketing plan, and finally, your audience, turn against you.

On the flip side, if you don’t completely understand these considerations ahead of time, the likelihood of the new principles being added to your plan probably will fail.

Don’t use new tools just to use new tools. For example, just because a new social media site becomes available does not mean that you have to hop on it right away.

This might not exactly even be appropriate for your target specific niche market and when it comes to marketing, your time is precious.

Don’t waste material time on items that won’t help your business. Prior to starting to add anything new to your plan, you must make sure your current plan is already succeeding. Adding something new without understanding why your current one is faltering will most likely still bring about failure.

Be sure everything is in place for success before you start adding and shuffling things around in your marketing plan. Make certain that whatever methods you decide to use are also appropriate for targeting your particular audience.

For instance, if you are targeting women of a specific age, make sure that your strategy is appropriate for your audience.

As I’ve said above, as an Internet Marketer, I know how important it is not to fall for “Shiny Objects” You are more than allowed to use new things in your strategy, but you must consider your current one. Are you making the effort to achieve your goals with your current plan?

SEO Marketing Software and Tools are very important but learn to focus on the one you’re using now.

Make sure that what you want to include or change is appropriate to your audience.

Don’t be the marketer that spends all day searching for new tools and toys. Find the ones that are right for you and take massive until you reach your goals!


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