There is no doubt that affiliate marketing can drive sales and generate significant revenue. As we all know, affiliate marketing is an effective means of generating substantial online revenue. Having been overwhelmingly beneficial to both brands and affiliate marketers, the push toward more unconventional marketing tactics has paid off. Moreover, it is an extremely cost-effective technique for lead generation where you pay only for the results.

Because of this, brands are into online product promotion and utilizing online marketing tactics more often. They get to come up with good creative product promotion through this affiliate marketing.

Research from Google Trends suggests that affiliate marketing search volume has shown significant growth in the past five years. Almost 90% of brands utilize affiliate marketing to gain customers’ attention, engage existing customers, and increase sales. As of 2019, advertising revenues from affiliate marketing exceeded $12 billion globally, with an annual growth rate of 10% projected by 2021.

Now that you have a better understanding of how effective and valuable affiliate marketing is. It is time to understand online product promotion or creative product promotion through the affiliate marketing program.

Reasons Why Product Promotion Is Important

A promotion’s most significant purpose is to set your brand apart from your competition. Brand promotion is your company’s voice, which communicates your brand directly to the audience. There will never be any need for a business to run a promotion if there is no competition. In order for customers to continue doing business with you, you need to stay ahead of your competition.

In cases where your company sells similar products or services as your competitor, you can only convince customers to buy from you through a promotion. Additionally, it is also necessary to spread the message about the promotion by using multiple ad and marketing methods. Several different media platforms are there to promote your brand and company. These include radio, television, shopping malls, billboards, magazine ads, online product promotion, and social media.

The promotion and marketing of your business can take various forms depending on your business’s objectives and priorities. The attention of pre-occupied customers would be impossible to attain if you do not use marketing promotions.

Now that it’s clear what the role of promotion is for affiliate marketing, it is time to understand how you can promote your affiliate products and services.

There are several affiliate marketing strategies (mostly online product promotion) you can use to your advantage. The list below will help you decide which ones would be the best to use for the product you are offering.

Create Blog Posts

Promoting your affiliate links through blogging may be the most effective way to do so. You can build an audience by blogging, enabling you to display your expertise on a specific topic. If you consistently create credible content, your audience will see you as a credible source for advice and recommendations. With this method, your audience will be more likely to trust the products and services you recommend through your affiliate links.

There’s no definite rule, and you can be as creative as you can. It might be worthwhile for you to explain why you love a product or service so much.

Content creation should be intentional that it will direct to incorporating the affiliate links. By doing so, organic promotion is ensured, and the customer is encouraged to try the recommended products or services.

Maximize Your Website

With a website, you can advertise affiliate products to your visitors with targeted ads. Advertising through banner ads is an effective method of promoting your affiliate links. On a website, it serves the purpose of grabbing site visitors’ attention. It is a perfect way to direct the visitors to the affiliate links. So, if you own a website (which, by the way, is a must), you may consider including banners that relate to your audience’s interests in your website’s design.

One more thing is that if your business has its own website, allow visitors to subscribe to your e-mail list so that you can market directly to them (with affiliate links!).

E-mail Marketing

You may think that this type of promotion is old school. As it is, it is still one of the most effective ways to promote. Research shows that almost all consumers check their e-mails every day and that e-mail marketing has been a go-to marketing tool for years.

Build up your e-mail list, then connect with your subscribers by sending them relevant and individualized campaigns. E-mail campaigns targeting your list’s most advantageous members are an excellent method for increasing interest in that event and converting conversions. Your affiliate links, of course, should be included from time to time in your campaigns.

Use Social Media

Social media is vast. And a lot of companies and brands utilize social media for promotion. There is a high probability that you are already using one or more social networking sites.

There is a reported estimate that social networking will reach 3.5 billion users globally by 2020. This is nearly half of the world’s population; thus, it can provide affiliates an excellent platform to promote their referral links to their friends and followers. There are three common ways to promote affiliate links on social media:

Writing Reviews

Tell your audience about the product and your experience with it on your social networking platforms. Your followers may want to use it if they know what you enjoyed about it, what you do with it, and why others may seek to use it, too. They can then become customers and users themselves. People are very keen on checking reviews before they try or purchase a particular product or service. Doing so on social media is ideal.

Promote Blog Links

Long social media posts tend to discourage followers. People on social media just want to browse and look at a certain post for a short period of time. Therefore, instead of writing a lengthy review, you can encourage your followers to read it at your blog linked to the affiliate link.

Influencer marketing

The reach of influencers has gone far beyond mere buzzwords in recent years. Additionally, brands continue to learn how to leverage this source of referrals effectively.

In many cases, brands work with a large number of bloggers and social media influencers in their niches. Authentic relationships with followers are more likely to occur with the help of influencers. Your audience trusts them more and is more likely to purchase your products or use your services if they trust your brand.

Indeed, influencers don’t send as much traffic as coupon sites, but the audience they generate is more targeted and more likely to buy your brand. By working with influencers and affiliates effectively, you can optimize your conversion rate.

The majority of influencers do expect monetary compensation; however, many are willing to work for free products or a percentage of each sale they drive. And to gauge if the influencer you have in mind is a good fit, You need to analyze various metrics. A few essential metrics that you should check include their reach, engagement, audience, follower growth, and of course, the alignment with your brand’s niche and values.

Ready for Promotion?

There’s no doubt that you can promote your product and convince customers to buy from you. It is essential to recognize, however, that it is not something you can do overnight. Selecting the right affiliates, channels, and affiliate marketing strategies will help you boost conversions.