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Beginner affiliate marketers have a world of potential open to them in terms of opportunity. Affiliate Marketers are those who partner with a specific business or brand to promote their products or services. Usually, affiliates will set up a blog, social media channel, or website to conduct promotions and garner a following of people interested in the offering. The platforms used aim to provide a target audience with reviews, tips, and resources about specific offerings by a merchant company.

You might have encountered websites that represent online stores and other brands. Hence, one example is a bicycle website. This site offers reviews, tips, and practical resources for cyclists as well. Although this website doesn’t have its products, most articles link to a brand, store, or another website. This website is an excellent example of affiliate websites. Thus, these sites are created by an affiliate marketer or marketers promoting specific brand offerings.

The Affiliate Circle: What Is It?

Like any ecosystem, affiliate marketing, in general, consists of the following. You have the merchant, which is the producer or product seller. Then, you have the affiliate marketer, a blogger or website owner, who generates content to create sales for the merchant. The last, which is the source of revenue, is the customer.

If you follow the affiliate marketing best practices, then there is no doubt that you will become successful in your field. For example, if you know how to add visual aids to your site that will entice the customer, the better.

Customers are attracted to images. One good example is that suppose you are an affiliate marketer for mobile phones. In that case, displaying a slide show of new models on your website’s upper right corner is a good marketing scheme. However, it doesn’t stop there. In affiliate marketing, it would be best or recommended if you mastered the following:

Generating Good Content: Adding Value and Creates Conversion

It doesn’t matter if you have not utilized an affiliate marketing course for your site. Some people have a natural touch when it comes to selling products. However, note that people go to your website because of the value that you give. One example is an affiliate website for organic food products.

Apart from posting visuals of attractive food sources like fruits and vegetables, it would help if that website also posts about recipes. This way, people go there not just to shop but also to learn something. When readers realize that the site posts content a few times a week, they will invite friends and create a loyal following. This method is how you sell products together to make value for your site visitors.

Professional Presentation

It is not enough for an affiliate website to generate content. One should ensure that the contents are well-written. Thus, there are good editing tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway. These online platforms provide quality proofread articles that are presentable and professional. People are dismayed by spelling errors or incorrect grammar.

Although your site might not be targeting English majors, people are turned off by even a single mistake they see. That is why it is essential to pay attention to your presentation. Ensure that your content is well-edited. Also, ensure that whatever images or videos that accompany your posts are correctly placed. As they say, the first impression lasts. When a website or blog visitor looks at your site and reads your content, they believe. If they are dismayed one time, then most likely, they are not going back.

That is why it is vital to proofread your content, especially if you are not writing them. There are times when even experts will commit mistakes. This is not unusual in situations where one is writing in volumes.

Avoid 404 Errors

404 errors happen when the target link doesn’t work. It can be because that link no longer exists on the merchant site, or the URL is incorrect. This will prevent generating revenue and will turn off customers. It doesn’t take a terrific affiliate marketing course in your seminars to spot these errors. It is crucial to review whatever content is present on your site.

This review should also include banners, pop-ups as well as videos. There are times when target videos have the wrong URL, or they don’t exist anymore. This situation happens when the creator has removed the content from the original site.

Monitor Tasks with Excel Or Online Sheets

Having a goal is essential in the growth of your affiliate site. For example, to generate clicks, you have to list down the keywords you want your writers to use (if you are not writing the content). You also need to ensure that you monitor all the links you need to post on your various social media sites linked to your affiliate site.

These other sites add traffic to your content. Traffic can generate clicks and sales. You can also assign several tasks to your team(provided you are running a group) and ensure they have performed the assigned tasks. One example is monitoring when certain links are posted and how many posts are created in a week. Monitoring this shows how much traffic a website generates.

Monitoring the growth of your site gives you an idea of what areas need improvement. You can also gauge if there is a need to add another functionality to your site to improve its performance.

Social Media Sites

We can not deny the importance of social media in marketing. Having links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, will increase the exposure of your affiliate site. Thus, it helps you generate revenue. There are affiliate websites that assign social media administrators to ensure that every site’s content is released and posted to specific social media sites. When such social media sites have massive followers, then this is where moderation occurs.

The moderators will moderate comments and also answer inquiries from interested buyers. Facebook pages are effective in promoting a specific blog or website. Facebook is also the most interactive part of your marketing. People log on to send questions and also post opinions about the products and services.

With social media, it can be both a blessing and a curse. A negative post can be detrimental to the business. This issue is the reason why there are moderators assigned to answer questions right away. They can also approve or delete comments.

The Affiliate Circle and Commission In The Affiliate Bridge

People get into affiliate marketing because they learned this is how you earn money. However, one should know the ecosystem and also what makes it work.

The circle is composed of marketers, merchants, and customers. The trio forms the affiliate ecosystem that has worked for years. Brands love affiliate marketers because of the effort they make in pushing the products. Fresh ideas, new and valuable contents are all that make brand exposure work.

Affiliate articles also publish contents that don’t look too “aggressive “and always present ideas that everyone can use. For this reason, merchants have sold more products. It also reduces costs in advertising. Marketers earn money through the following:

  • Pay Per Click (also called PPC) – This is how PPC works. The marketer earns through clicks, provided they are all valid. This method doesn’t rely on sales. PPC is also the fastest way to make money.
  • Pay Per Lead (also called PPL) – In this method, the merchant or advertiser pays you a commission, which is a fixed amount. However, the amount of income relies on things that a marketer does to generate sales through leads—one good example surveys from dating websites and the like.
  • Pay Per Sale (also called PPS) – In this method, the merchant or advertiser pays you for all qualified sales. PPS is the most popular program, and one example is that of Amazon.

What are the things that an affiliate marketer should know (beginner tips)?

Tip 1: You should only focus on areas that you know you are good at. For example, if you are knowledgeable in bicycles, you should seek marketers or merchants who sell bikes. Never branch out or venture into topics or lines where you have little knowledge. Yes, some products are trendy these days, such as gadgets.

However, you need to assess yourself if this is your passion and you are willing to create regular content related to these items. You can offer quality if you know what you are talking about and passionate about the products you represent.

Tip 2: Seek advice from an affiliate marketing expert. You can do this knowledge gathering by attending seminars and workshops. You can also get general knowledge by watching YouTube videos related to affiliate marketing. An expert can be people you know who are doing this kind of venture. Do not hesitate to ask for tips. Experts take pride in sharing what they know.

Tip 3: Create your blog or website. You can get hosting from WordPress or GoDaddy. Now, let’s say you already have an existing blog or website through WordPress(free); consider upgrading to premium. Once you have your domain name, then you can start creating content. Some begin posting YouTube videos of their reviews. These reviews can be about technology like mobile phones, cameras, and many more. Once they have generated a considerable amount of subscribers and followers, then they start doing affiliate marketing.

Tip 4: You can add a visual sidebar to your website. Visual sidebars are the most effective way of attracting customers. If you are into bicycles, then add visual sidebars of attractive bikes. If you are into gadgets, then a slideshow of mobile phones, laptops among others, can entice visitors to click.

Tip 5: Learn to market your site using social media. Sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are some of the few sites where you can promote your site. Doing this will increase traffic to your website. A popular website can receive not only visitors but also potential marketers.

Some people received emails from merchants asking them to lease space on their site (such as a visual sidebar) to promote their products. This notice comes with an offer to pay either through clicks or sales. Or they lease the space for a year for a certain amount.

This situation can only happen when your website is popular and sits on top of Google searches. Of course, such can only occur when you are good with the CEO, and you are posting fresh and original content constantly.

Challenges Of An Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer earns through the conditions set by the merchant or marketer.

Thus, this can fluctuate depending on sales and the season. There are times when sales can be low, so a marketer must be creative in generating revenue. Some earn through leads, and this can be challenging. Others don’t go to this route to the challenges, and it seems like a lot of work. However, one person’s weakness is another’s strength. So, it would be best if you saw what works for you in the long run.

Affiliate marketers also hire and pay people who create content.

Some manage the social media sites and act as moderators. However, the income can only be as good as the revenue that marketers generate through their sites. It can sometimes take time and investment for the venture to take off. However, persistence and perseverance can pay off.

There are also times when the subordinates can have performance fluctuations due to personal issues. An affiliate marketer needs to accept these challenges and motivate everyone to be good in what they do.

One should also be vigilant about the changing online trends. What’s hot today might no longer be desirable in a year or two. That is why data is essential. Being well-informed about the changing trends and what the incoming generation loves is helpful for the business. That is why doing constant research is a great thing.

Reading is something that you need to add to your habits.

When you read new novels, magazines, and journals, you will have an idea of what the future brings. The reason is simple. These forms of literature were well-thought of. They have gone through hours of research and data gathering. If you read a lot, then there is no way that you will be left behind.

Creating good habits is also essential.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be spending hours in front of the computer. You need to be able to divide your time so that all aspects of your life are satisfied. Having good stamina will give you more power to read and gives you a good attention span. You also avoid burnout and depression when you constantly exercise.

Lately, there is no sure formula for how to make it big in the affiliate marketing world.

You need confidence in your experience and knowledge. You use these internal and external tools to create an effective venture that gives you financial success.


Getting into affiliate marketing is exciting. It is one of the hottest industries today. The reason for this is that it is easy to make one. All you need is a blog and massive traffic. Traffic only happens when you create content that your target market can relate to. The website or blog content needs to be original and fresh. Once your venture becomes significant, it is time to hire people to help you with your marketing. With the help of affiliate marketing best practices, this way, you generate more revenue, and everyone is happy: the merchant, you, and the customers.