Is Outsourcing My SEO Marketing Projects A Good Idea?


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable digital skills and assets available to any online business but it has an extremely steep learning curve for the noob business owner.

An SEO project that seemingly should only take a few hours to complete can swiftly turn into a full-time adventure.

Many businesses are simply not able to cope with the loss of manpower it takes to manage SEO properly. So, Should I outsource My SEO Marketing projects? Let’s talk about it…


If you don’t know the story go check it out. It’s one you should be well aware of as it applies to many situations in life, especially SEO.
When Br’er Rabbit took a swing at the Tar-Baby he became entangled, then he took another, then another and the whole situation just kept getting worse and worse and before you know it he was in so deep he couldn’t get out.

SEO is much like the Tar-Baby.

You may think that you’re going to just do a little now and maybe a little later but there’s more to it than stuffing keywords in a piece of content and hitting the “publish” button. Web sites need pages. Pages lead to Content. Content leads to keywords which leads to Tracking, and then there’s other considerations such as Schema, Mobile Ready, The Bing Search Engine, The Yahoo Search Engine, Meta Data… and on, and on… it can get complicated. Very complicated. If you don’t get it under control the Google Machine will turn its’ little spider bot nose up at you as it passes by traveling on to those pages and websites that are properly optimized on all levels.

It can get sticky and then you have to make sure the parts are all in place and working together.

Another one of my favorite analogies.

The SEO Engine Analogy.

You see, SEO is much like an Engine. You can lay out all the parts on the garage floor and you may actually be able to assemble some or just enough of the parts to make that engine run. But if you want it to run properly then all the parts have to be in their correct place. If you want it to run better than your buddies engine then you have to add more parts. Upgraded parts, super charged parts…  and fine tune it, and tweak it… constantly.

SEO is the Exact Same!

SEO is the engine that runs free organic traffic (The Money) to your online business and outsourcing parts of your SEO can be considered “Parts” of the process. (helps the engine go)

So that brings up the question about outsourcing SEO Marketing Projects.
It is certainly something to consider if you understand why it can be either an invaluable asset or a web site killer.

I’m very serious about this. It’s not to be taken lightly.

If you’re going to consider outsourcing your SEO be sure you know who you’re giving the job up to. Investigate your outsourcer. Do your due diligence. Make good decisions. Don’t Be Lazy Here!

Tips On Outsourcing To:

SEO Agencies and Lone Wolf SEOs (Me ← Lone Wolf SEO)

You’re going to find that most agencies and Lone Wolf SEOs are really good at what they do “IF” they have proven results and recommendations to back them up.
Even a rookie SEO can prove to you he/she knows what they’re doing by sharing some proven rankings with you. IF they are reluctant to share even a single URL that they’ve ranked on page one then move along.

Snake Oil Salesman found here.

After you have completed your due diligence and investigated the SEO or SEO Agency then, by all means, outsource to these folks. This is what we do. We rank websites and properties on the big Google Machine. Feel comfortable outsourcing to these guys. (us, me)

Bits and Bites of SEO Services

Individual Gigs and services found at places like Fiverr and SEO Marketplace are great for DIY business owners and SEO agencies alike. Just make sure to be very careful when choosing a gig to purchase.

These individual gigs can save you a ton of time and “busy work” but they can also come back to haunt you.
When choosing to outsource to places like these make sure you check out their latest reviews and take the time to actually “read the reviews”. It’s important to the future of your business.
Some of the folks behind these gigs may not have your best interest at heart and will destroy your online business with Black Hat SEO Techniques. Not Cool!
Do your due diligence and make sure they are trustworthy before you make any purchase.

This is a sure thing.

Virtual assistants are an invaluable resource to consider when outsourcing SEO Marketing. If you know what you want from a VA then it’s a time saver and a money saver. I have several VA’s that I outsource different jobs to and it makes my life so much easier.

My business flows seamlessly (most of the time) because of the processes I have in place and outsourcing the busy work is a must.
The above are two great resources for VAs

Should I Outsource My SEO Marketing Projects? Absolutely! The most important positive mental notes to take away from this article is simply this: Outsourcing your SEO is the best thing to do for any business. Let the experts handle all the heavy lifting in the field of their expertise- SEO!

And two, outsourcing your SEO in small chunks is okay too as long as you investigate the source you’re using to the fullest degree.

There’s a huge difference between being lazy and being a great manager… and that difference is usually found when checking out the bottom line of your P&L Statement.

Should I Outsource My SEO Marketing Projects? Your call…

Happy Outsourcing!