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How To Get Free Unique Articles

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How To Get Free Unique Articles

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How To Get Free Unique Articles From This Website


One process that seems to stump everyone is where to get free unique content for their websites when they’re just starting out in Affiliate Marketing or SEO. I want to be perfectly clear on this most meaningful fact first: There is NO Substitute for Quality, Unique and Valuable articles for your website. If your intentions are to provide quality for your readers then generate meaningful content that brings them back again and again. I can’t stress that enough.

With that said.

There are times when you need filler content for PBN’s and other areas and you should know How To Get Free Unique Articles.

This is where the process I’m about to teach you comes into play.

How To Get Free Unique Articles

Step 1: Sign Up for this website’s updates and digital news in the banner on the right. When you sign up you’ll receive 1500 FREE PLR articles for you to do as you wish. You own the rights and can reprint them or serve them up as your own. Simple as that. I don’t spam and I don’t waste your time with my mailings. If I find a tool, piece of software or an article that I think you should be aware of because it helps your business then I’m going to fire it off in your direction. That’s it. Nothing else. So, start by signing up for my newsletter on the right of any POST on this website. (Not the Hello Bar. You won’t get your articles like that)

How To Get Free Unique Articles


Step 2: When you receive your download you’re going to receive a zip file of over 1500 articles in over 25 hot niche markets. Pick an article that is relevant to your topic and copy it.

Step 3:  Now that you have your article copied to your clipboard go to: and paste your article in the box. Verify that the bottom of your article matches the article you copied. Spend 2 credits on the Output Syntax and hit the Spin Article Button.

If this is a first time for you it’s going to look a little weird but what’s happening is there are words being replaced with synonyms in a form that allows us to use another tool to spin that “Spintax”. We’re going there next.


Step 4:  Now we’re going to spin it. Copy all the new Spintax that you just created with your article. It should look something like this:

Sample sentence: {A|The|One} {quick|magnificent|charming|lucky|fast|super|cool} {gold|tan|yellow|white|brown|silver} {beaver|packrat|cat|lion|tiger|fox|dog|wolf} {consumed|ate|pilfered} my {pastry|strudel|cake}

Once you copy all this cool stuff to your clipboard go to this website: and paste your spintax into the box. Hit the spin button below and your new article will appear in the box below it. Easy Peasy!

***Don’t let this process intimidate you. If I can do it anyone can. Just follow the steps.***



Step 5:  Okay, now we have a new article.. maybe. Let’s clean it up. The next step in the process is to copy your newly spun article and go to:

You will have to create a free account to log in and once you do go to the “New” article page and upload your article. It’s as simple as copy and paste.

Let Grammarly do it’s thing and make suggestions. This is where I normally just go thru and hit the changes it suggests. Once I clear the screen of all suggestions it’s time to take a breather and read your article.

This is proof reading time. Check the article and make sure that it makes sense. Verify to yourself that the words match up and the article flows like you would want it to if you were reading it to someone else. This can get a bit tricky. I’m going to suggest highly that you add words in your article to make it your own. It will help you out on the next step. An example would be if a sentence in your article read: “The bear bit the man’s heiny.” then you would add a couple of colorful words to make it your own. Such as “The big nasty grizzly bear bit the man’s tiny heiny.” or something like that.  The point is to make some sentences your own where you can without the situation becoming cumbersome. The entire reason I’m teaching you this is to assist you in saving time and moving on to the stuff that pays you and it pays you to know How To Get Free Unique Articles.

Now that you have this really cool new grammar corrected interesting article let’s check it out and make sure that it’s unique.



Step 6:  Copy your corrected article but “Leave The Grammarly Page/Tab OPEN”. You may have to come back to this page/tab and make changes to your article. Once you have copied it to your clipboard go to:

This is where you paste your article in the Plagiarism Checker and verify that it’s Unique. Paste the article, type in the Captcha code below the article and wait. It’s going to scan your article and give you a percentage of Uniqueness.

*** Please Pay Attention to this Statement *** Green is Good. Red is Bad. If your article gets the green percentage number you are pretty much in the clear as to an acceptable article for the Search Engines in terms of Uniqueness. If it’s RED go back to your Grammarly page and make some changes based on the areas indicated as Plagiarized in the Plagiarism Checker and start your Plagiarism Checking process all over again with your newly changed up article.

As a side note: I personally run the Plagiarism checker until I have a 90% or better unique article. I just feel better about it and that’s me. Make it your own process and stay within your comfort zone.



And there you have it.

A freshly spinned PLR Article, speedily spun, Grammarly checked, Plagiarism perfected and ready to post to your PBN or web creation.

Congrats on a job well done!

Now you know How To Get Free Unique Articles!

Just a couple of quick notes.

Once you get good at this process it should take about 10 minutes to produce a fresh unique article from your list of 1500 PLR articles that you just downloaded. I’m not the sharpest knife in the draw and that’s about my timing.

Just a tip: Create a folder in your bookmarks that lists all these websites in order of relevance. Open each site in a new tab just in case you have to go back and make a quick change to the article.

As always, I hoped this helps you and adds a little value to your Affiliate Marketing or SEO processes and I’d love to hear you thoughts or suggestions for this site. Feel free to contact me at the email address above or hit me up on any of the social sites.