curating content
Through curating content, you can show your target audience your industry knowledge and raise your authority!

It is no longer surprising that content drives the affiliate marketing ecosystem in an increasingly competitive landscape and one way to do that is through curating content. The power to influence your target audience with engaging content is more important than ever. However, creating this exciting content that reels in traffic, builds a reader’s trust in your brand, and ultimately makes a sale can be both time-consuming and challenging for many affiliates.

With that said, how exactly can affiliates keep up with the increasing pressure of creating content for target audiences? The answer is through content curation. Today’s generation is easily distracted by the bombardment of data. If you want to maintain a strong following and good traffic, then content curation is the answer.

What Exactly Is Content Curation?

Content curation is selecting relevant information from third parties. Such data can be in the form of a blog post, video, infographic, or any other form of content found in the digital space. You can also opt to share valuable insight for thought leaders and expert advice from those working within your specific industry. Curated content chosen should appeal to and engage the particular audience you are targeting.

Content curation came as the need for scheduled posts became apparent. Those who work with affiliate marketing blogs know the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of the target audience. Content creation is also a way to “put something out there” while trying to develop ideas for the next post.

Content curation is common if you think about it. Your Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagram reposts are forms of content curation. Of course, reposting is different from curating content. Curation involves well-thought posts with your target audience in mind. For example, you cannot simply post YouTube music videos to a target audience into cycling or running. In content curation, it would help if you were mindful of how your posts will be received.

Apart from being mindful of your target audience, you also need to add something to the original idea. For example, if you are retweeting about a new aerodynamic bike helmet, you need to add something. “Check out this new aerodynamic bike helmet that we all love in the bike show” or something similar. Not being conscious of your every post is not content curation. It is simply lazy posting because you have nothing to do online.

Content Curation involves the following

  1. After knowing and identifying the target audience, it’s time to gather different articles from various sources within the niche. Google is an excellent source of content through keywords. But this process can be time-consuming, and sometimes the contents are older and no longer relevant.
  2. Creating content for target audiences is not hard. The best way to start is to organize these contents hierarchically. They should be based on the importance and also the publication date of the article. Most of the time, the most popular topic of the day should always be on top of the list. This content is going to get the attention of your followers. It is more likely to be shared and might even go viral.
  3. Using different media together these contents for you to share with your audience. Like mentioned above, Google was the favored tool of choice. Then there is Instapaper, Hootsuite, Google Alerts, Pocket, and so much more. They are also called news aggregator sites because they gather news most appropriately based on the subject of your choice.
  4. Content curation is about your niche. You cannot gather contents that are not compatible with one another or belonging to a different niche. For example, when you own a Celtic Music blog, you don’t want to curate content about other genres. The curation should focus on that specific genre. Not paying attention to this issue will result in your audience unfollowing you.
  5. In doing this task, you highlight other people’s ideas and add your commentary. You don’t have to be the authority in your niche. You also give way to other people’s opinions. That way, you add value to your target audience. You should expect that your audience wants topics that are related to their concern. So, curating can help them with their issues. They don’t have to look for answers. You took care of that part with your curation.

How Do I Curate Content?

Curation is not about your ideas but rather the best ideas of other people. A curator is someone who likes reading helpful content. He or she collects other people’s research for future use, much like what a novelist does before writing a novel. If you take your content curation seriously and religiously, then it will yield the best results. It is also one of the great arsenals you can have in affiliate marketing because it will add ideas to your content.

  1. Know your audience and understand their needs. Find out what makes them tick. You will know this because there are specific topics or issues that they are passionate about. Usually, they either comment or retweet your content. They also tend to leave comments and share your post via Facebook and other sources. Once you have an idea of what your audience expects, then it is time to gather a key topic for your readers. They expect you as a go-to person when it comes to a specific field or subject. They also hope you highlight people whom they also trust in terms of insights and also opinions.
  2. Once you have gathered specific topics, it is time to sort them out, and then you decide which one goes first. You don’t just post other people’s articles or ideas. As a curator, you need to add your voice to the post. You need to explain why you are posting the content. It would help if you also let your audience know that the article is essential to you. This way, you tell them that you care about their time, effort, and what they want to read.
  3. Curating doesn’t end in the commentary. A good content curator knows how to embellish the post. The curator can add striking visuals, videos, infographics, and presentations. This way, your audience knows you are taking the article seriously, and that is why you are sharing it with them. Doing these things will create more traffic and build more followers. A curator should always sound professional and not a teenager reposting stuff from their Facebook feed. After identifying what the different target audiences are, it is time to post for them.

More Tips:

Know your niche and spotlight the best in them through the use of images.

You can tell it is your best-curated content by the number of views and comments. Use that as a way to generate engagements. Great engagement is one of the aims of affiliate marketing. It is through this that you get more traffic and that traffic can be translated to revenue. It brings visitors more curiosity, giving them more reason to stay on your profile or site. By talking about other people, you get more people to talk about you in return. It is all about symbiosis.

Your curated content should have a comments section.

This is where you can create engagements and feedback. This part will also help you identify which one of your content has generated more engagement. This engagement should give you an idea of what to do in the future in terms of choosing topics that fit your target audience. WordPress offers a way to link old and new content together. By discussing older content similar to the new one, you create more traffic.

You can also look for other curators to collaborate with you.

This is similar to guest blogging, where you get other creators to work with you on specific topics. Getting other curators will also add to the network of ideas and interests you already curated. You will be surprised at the novel ideas that are just lying there in cyberspace. Doing this will add that other curator’s audience to your site. This is how you expand your coverage.

Audience participation is vital in any event.

That is why even stand-up comedy has one. Assume that your audience is intelligent and has their ideas to share. By giving them a platform to add their insights and their curation ideas, you grow your network. Your audience will become more enthusiastic and will be glad to pass your content around. So, in content curation, you gather the best ideas from known creators and highlight the best ideas from your audience.

Before jumping into curation, ensure that everything has undergone fact-checking. You don’t want to share anything questionable or fake. You can use Snopes as a tool for fact-checking links.

Are There Benefits To Curating Content?

You would be surprised how much traffic content curation can add to your website or blog. If you are good at curating content, your followers and target customers will treat you as the authority in the niche.

Content curation will fill in the gaps between your posts. This task will give you more time to think about the best post or topic you can add to your affiliate site. This is your gestation period, and content curation will make that period more fun and engaging to your target audience.

By gathering the best ideas from reputable sources, you also expand the reach of your brand’s credibility. If people need the best ideas within the niche, then they will turn to you. By adding your commentary, then they will know that you are not just churning posts because you have nothing to do and nothing to say. It would help if you avoided this path, but sadly, this is 90% of what people do on social media. As a brand owner in the affiliate marketing ecosystem, you should take full responsibility for every post. Your curated content should answer the why and how.

Your curated content is an added asset to your marketing scheme. You can add comments with links to the product site related to an audience’s question. Someone somewhere will always post questions related to the curated content. And since it is within your niche, your tips and advice can add links to the product to resolve their issues.

Curating content will also add to your wealth of knowledge. Your mental encyclopedia can be the source of future topics and articles. By curating, you are also learning new things. So, the whole process benefits everyone.

Final Thoughts

If this is the first time you’ve learned about content creation, then, by all means, feel free to explore it. Curating novel ideas is worth your time and effort, more so when you are an affiliate marketer still looking to improve your site. You cannot do it alone. People who have started blogs can also run out of things to write. In the end, they experience burnout and perhaps leave blogging behind. Content curation will avoid this pitfall by adding fresh ideas in times you need them the most.

Starting your content curation is easy. You only need news aggregator sites like Flipboard, Instapaper, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sources to gather the best ideas in your niche. Once you have a regular gathering of interesting links or references, you can share them with your followers. Note that you will not run out of ideas to publish once you start to get the ball rolling in curating content. We all know how site followers get easily bored. This issue happens when we no longer post content regularly. So they will turn to other sources. Also, remember that your task doesn’t end in the posting. It would help if you created an interaction with your audience. This interaction can be about older posts. You can cross-reference old and new posts to start interesting discussions. You can add value to the comments section by posting links to products and services that can benefit them. After all, they go to your site to find solutions to the issues within the niche. Content curation can answer their problems.