What is that circle with the “i” in my Address Bar?


“omg,. i freaking right now seing this i cion on my google its just cnt tell it right!., can i have old version of my goolge just like few minutes ago,… im not a tech-ky person i just rely on videos and theres no result video on this case,… pls help me”

The above is a quote from a Google forum about this very subject.

If you’re looking for answers to this I found it.

Go here and check it out. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/sghuFVUnUjM

The only reason I’m dropping this in as a new blog post is because it took me forever to find an answer and it’s important. If you’re an SEO or an Affiliate subtle changes to your digital work environment can point to being hacked or malware infestations.

I’m a lot like my Bearded Dragon, I do not fair well with change. (His name is Spike)

So this change sent me spiraling out into left field for about 2 hours and that’s time that I won’t get back so let’s make it a useful endeavor.

This is what the Circle with letter ‘i’ in address bar is all about.

Google wants to make sure that you ( the website owner ) know that regular non-secure HTTP websites are insecure, and offer no guarantee that their website content is transferred securely. Keep in mind that all content is open for any third-party to review and/or modify.


This new icon will help to more clearly convey this point to both webmasters and users alike. Security is super important and this is their way of bringing it to your attention.

Google wants to encourage all websites run security with HTTPS in their “HTTPS everywhere” campaign.

For more details, see:


The “i inside a circle” is just the new Material Design UI graphical update only.

In the previous UI, regular HTTP webpages showed a “blank page icon”.

When you click on it, the information displayed is exactly the same.  Regular HTTP webpages are “connection to this site is not private”, as they have always never been private.

Only connections to secure, encrypted HTTPS webpages are private, and those websites will show with a closed Green Lock.

Keep in mind that you may have other problems or perhaps virus/malware with your computer if you see the “i inside a circle” when visiting https://gmail.google.com or https://www.facebook.com.  Both these websites always run securely and should always show Secure Green lock.

To find the cause of the incorrect cert info, please pick one example website, then click the i inside the circle or Lock with Red Cross > “Details” link, which shows the Security Overview in DevTools.  Then click the “View certificate” button

(1) From the “Details” tab, please provide the info for the certificate Issuer, Valid from, Valid to, and Subject.
(2) From the “Certification Path” tab, please provide the list of all the certificates in the authorization list.

Hopefully this quick article has helped you out as this Google Forum helped me today.

Happy Safe, Secure Surfing.

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