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With the right tools, you can become a super affiliate in no time!

Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools

Building anything properly requires that you have the right tools. The same thing applies if you have joined any affiliate marketing programs. The best affiliate marketers are those who know which tools are best, how to use them in a timely manner, and how to apply such affiliate marketing tools to improve productivity and efficiency.

While you can manage without using too many tools and therefore spending less on monthly subscriptions, investing some money in the right ones can go a long way in terms of your ROI. We understand that finding the right tool at a reasonable price point can be difficult, especially for those just starting out. So, here we will list down some essential affiliate marketing resources to get you started and a few recommendations as well.

Hosting Tools

Like it or not, we live in a time where everything connects back to the internet, especially an affiliate marketing business. Word of mouth will not get your business as far off the ground as it used to. With that, businesses require a fully-functioning and optimized website to establish an online presence and enhance their performance.

Hosting tools help you create that website, which is the first step in building your online presence. As an affiliate marketer, your website will likely be the best investment you make in terms of tools. Don’t settle for sub-par or below-quality hosts. Doing so can do more harm to your marketing efforts than good.

For one, a website needs to be FAST. People will not wait more than 5 seconds for a site to load. Ideally, yours will load in 3. Hosting tools are also a database to store all the information contained in your site, so if something goes wrong with their server, you can say goodbye to your precious data. Lastly, a reliable hoisting tool will have very minimal to no downtime. This is crucial as you do not want your site to be down when people try to view it, this often discourages prospects, and it makes your site look untrustworthy.


Siteground is the perfect WordPress hosting service for beginner affiliates. Their plans start at $6.99 per month, and with it comes a package worth your subscription.  The StartUp plan will allow for about 10,000 visits to your site and 10GB of web space for one website. So, for those just entering the affiliate scene, this is a great option to start with to see where your website goes.


Once your website starts to grow and sees around 100,000 unique visitors per month, your existing hosting service will likely recommend an upgrade. In that case, Cloudways is a good option for a hosting provider, with plans starting at $10 per month. The great thing about Cloudways is that you only pay for the resources that you use. This means you get certain features right off the bat depending on the plan you choose and the choice of add-ons depending on your needs.


If you are looking for an all-in-one host, GoDaddy fits the bill perfectly. GoDaddy has the cheapest one-year plan priced at $1 per month, but it is also notorious for having the most expensive long-term accumulation. A three-year contract will have you p[paying $5.99 per month.

Even so, all their annual plans come with a free domain name and an Office 365 email which is available to you for free during your first year. GoDaddy includes all the necessary aspects that people look for in a web host. Moreover, it allows for plenty of disk space and an unmetered bandwidth. This way, you do not have to worry so much about running out.

Content Creation Tools

Now that you have your affiliate marketing website all set-up with the right host, it’s time to fill it up with content that aims to promote your offering in the best way possible. Compelling content is what will urge your target audience to bite and click the purchase button. Needless to say, it is vital that your content is of good quality and has enough plump to it for it to rank on search engines.

Aside from investing in a great host provider, the next in line would be content creation tools that will help your content ideas come to life. These two affiliate marketing tools go hand-in-hand can take your efforts far and wide, helping you achieve your goals and turn an income that ends up paying for the tools you have invested in.


SurferSEO is more than just about writing high-quality content. It has an array of features that help glean a light on how your competitors are capturing attention and uses that information to give you a blueprint on how to improve your rankings.

In terms of content creation, the chrome extension works with Google Docs seamlessly. You will see your overall content score compared to that of your competitors. It also allows you to list out specific keywords and their frequency within the text. As your Content Score increases, so does your competitiveness compared to similar posts of its kind.

Frase is a free tool that has a double use. On the one hand, it provides you with the most popular titles and headings based on the keyword you entered. Then, it gives you a list of the top-rated sites regarding that topic and a list of sources you can use to write your content. Its helpful features allow you to create a content brief giving you the targeted SEO keywords and the average density used in top-rated articles (those on the first page of Google).

The most important feature is that once your blog or article is complete, you can check to see how it compares to those top-rated ones on a 1 to 100 % scale. From there, you can sprinkle in keywords or raise the word count to meet the average and surpass competitors. is a powerful tool that is free to use.


By now, you have probably already heard of Grammarly. It is one of the top editing and content construction tools out there, trusted by millions. You can use Grammarly for free and get the basic grammar edits and basic sentence construction (getting rid of passive voice). If you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of your content, the Premium subscription offers grammar correction, sentence construction advice, re-phrasing, and synonyms. This will create more intriguing content.

Grammarly Premium and Business also come with its own plagiarism checker, which checks your content against millions of other sites to make sure yours is unique. All the phrases or parts that are highlighted and the source of the copy listed out for you. This makes it easy to find edits and alternate your text.

Research Method Tools

As an affiliate, research is something you will spend a lot of time doing. You will have to figure out which products in the market are hot right now and who is willing to buy them. It is crucial to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste and that you make the commission you aim for.

Affiliate marketing tools should be easy to navigate and simple to understand. Reading through complicated graphs and charts will only eat up valuable time that you could be spending on earning. So, here are some user-friendly, tried, and tested options for your consideration.

Your audience demographics will tell you how to gear your content in order to appeal to their age group, interests, or location. This makes it essential to understand so that your content and offerings can reach those who are most willing to do business with you. is a simple tool that shows you which age group searches your specified keyword the most and their gender as well.

With that, you can plan your content to appeal to your preferred audience. For example, if the term “digital marketing” appeals to 25- to 44-year-olds. You can make your content a tad more formal than content geared towards 18- to 24-year-olds. This free tool is simple in form and information and is an excellent jumping pad to more in-depth research.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another research tool for affiliates that provides demographic information based on a location. It will also show you keyword trends over time. Affiliates can use the information gathered on Google Trends to improve SEO through finding local link opportunities in locations where queries matching yours are most evident. Based on age and gender, you can conceptualize the proper posts, blog topics, and content to appeal directly to them.


The search for effective long-tail keywords can leave even the best SEO researches slumped at times. This is because long-tail keywords are more specific, so finding which ones are searched by users can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, A nswerThePublic makes this task easier.

In order to get a list of viable and searched long-tail keywords, you simply place your short keyword into the search bar and let the site do the compiling for you. You will come up with a list of long-tail keyword ideas that you can incorporate into your content to raise the SEO score. Moreover, using quires most searched by users will show that you have the capabilities to directly solve the issue they are trying to solve.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

SEO tools fall in and out of popularity quite frequently. This makes it challenging to know which ones are currently the best ones to use. Such tools aim to ensure that your content has enough of the right keywords, right length, and compelling content to rank on search engines. While they are similar to content creation tools, some key features set them apart.

For one, SEO tools will also help you in distinguishing your target audience. With that, it can provide helpful tips on how to go about capturing their interest. Blogging, for example, is like talking to your clients, so while it may be informative and technical at times, it’s best to keep it conversational to relate more to potential customers.

The great thing about is that it gives you ideas for introductory paragraphs based on one sentence of text, your target audience, title, and tone you wish to have. Let’s face it; there will always be a time when even the best affiliates run out of writing ideas or topics. Writer’s block happens to everyone, and is a great way to get past that. Being able to have a pre-made and totally unique introduction can help you build a compelling article.

Additionally, you can also get a title and heading idea from here. With all these features combined, it can really speed up the writing process and leave you more time to attend to other tasks, which can sometimes be endless when in an affiliate marketing business.


SEMRush is first and foremost a keyword research and monitoring tool but has evolved to be a go-to tool for many affiliates and online bloggers for keyword research and fixing SEO errors. It also allows for competitor analysis, making it a must-have for marketers that want to understand what type of content brings in the best ROI.

With this tool, you can discover top-performing competitor content, which you can use as a jump to figure out what to write about. You will also be able to monitor where your keywords rank weekly and run SEO audits that show issues on your website that hurt your ranking.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a must-have for researching profitable niches, topics, products, and services. In beginning the process of looking for SEO keywords, this keyword tool is where you should start. While the data is limited, it can give you a solid insight into where to start digging deeper.

A Plethora of Options

As you can see, there is a wide range of tools for affiliates that can improve business and help them see a great ROI. This list of affiliate tools is far from complete but is considered to be the most useful today. Also, each one comes with additional features depending on how much you are willing to spend based on your current business objective.

With the essential toolset of the best digital marketing tools, any affiliate can aim to become successful in their given industry or niche. All that is left to know is when to apply each tool in a manner that is most effective. We will touch on this in future blog posts, so make sure to check back regularly for the newest insights!

Brand's can use affiliate programs to enhance their sales and conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Gain Visibility

For affiliate marketing programs to be successful, it needs to use various resources and techniques that appeal to their specific target audience. This is because brands need to reach a broad audience with a high interest in what they have to offer. To do this, many brands work with affiliates to increase their sales potential. While the end goal is the same, getting more people to avail of brand offerings, the strategies used by different brands may differ.

Brands make use of affiliate marketing programs as a way to leverage the power of influence. Partnering with affiliates grants them access to new audiences, making for an effective way to fuel their sales funnel with a high chance of conversion. Before it gets to that, affiliate programs need to have a strategy to get their brand out there and noticed. Here are some strategies to read on that have proven effective for many programs.

Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips

There is no one-and-done method for success when it comes to building your brand through an affiliate program. Most times, it is a trial-and-error process and requires some time to perfect. As mentioned above, different brands make use of various strategies based on their business goals and target audience. Though strategies can vary, these are the building blocks you can start with towards creating your brand’s unique method.

Team Up With The Right People

The basis of an affiliate program is the people you work with to promote and build your brand’s credibility in the market. With that said, make sure that the affiliates who promote your product have a good standing and rapport with their audience. Check to see if your potential affiliate has a substantial following that has engaged in their posts. This shows the authority and influence they have over their audience. Vetting potential affiliates will go a long way in ensuring your efforts won’t be wasted. You can approach this strategy by creating a basic list of criteria you would like potential affiliates to meet.

Offer Up Irresistible Deals

Now that you have a team of affiliates to back your brand and promote it to their respective audience, you now need to give your affiliates the resources to make your brand appealing. Let’s face it, everyone loves a great deal or discount, so making use of coupons and deals is one of the best ways to reel people in to check out, if not purchase, your product or service.

Consumers love the idea of savings and often go out of their way to claim vouchers and coupons from sites so they can purchase the items they want. Putting up coupons and discounts on sites like Groupon and is a great way to start. From there, you can provide your affiliates with the link to incorporate in their posts and content.

Be cautious when choosing coupon sites to use; however, do your research and make sure the site you want is reliable and of high-quality. Ideally, choose one where you know where the visitors are coming from or if they have a user base of their own or rely mainly on search traffic.

Build Your Own Affiliate Network

Some businesses look into various affiliate networks to find promoters suitable for their brand, but another way to go is to build your own network. Look into partnering with loyal customers in your pool who may already have a credible website or blog of their own. This proves beneficial as you can have a more personal relationship with them, plus since they know how your brand works, it makes it easier to promote.

Additionally, it can be challenging to recruit the first few affiliates, making it easier for you to tap into the pool readily available while growing your network.

In terms of attracting affiliates, you need to have a clear and concise approach. They need to see your brand’s potential, which you can ensure by giving them all the necessary information right off the bat. Information like what your product is or does, how it works, and the commission to be gained will all attract more interested affiliates to your brand.

Optimize Your Product Pages

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that investing in high-quality affiliate marketing strategies is all you need to profit from your brand. You also have to put in some work of your own to drive conversions. While you can leave the promotions and brand awareness to your affiliates, your job is to optimize your brand’s website, especially the product landing pages.

Affiliate marketing strategies will drive interested consumers to your product pages, but getting them to add to cart means ensuring that those pages provide a wonderful customer experience. Product pages should:

  • Load quickly
  • Contain all necessary but only relevant information (keep it concise but still informative)
  • Present high-quality images of your offering
  • Engaging descriptions with a clear call to action
  • Clearly presents customer feedback and review

Not only will these aspects make consumers more likely to purchase your brand, but it also presents a professional feel, making it more credible and trustworthy. If done right, a product page will not only convince a customer to purchase one thing one time, but the potential becomes many things on a repetitive basis.

Maximizing Your Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate marketing offers businesses a huge potential to increase their website traffic and conversions significantly. The trick to making money with affiliate marketing strategies is to strategically set up your affiliate team and keep everything as optimized as possible. From there, your affiliates can do their thing and promote your brand.

While the initial effort requires a lot of time to perfect, the long-term rewards will prove worth it. Once everything is set up and geared into motion, most of the work is done and what remains is high sales with simple monitoring and maintenance from time to time.


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Find out what the latest digital marketing trends are and apply them to your strategy!

Top Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

The world has shown that in 2021, we can live in a purely digital age. There is no reason why you should second guess making the jump towards a more technical future. Although there is a slight chance for you to make your brand or business pop without having to resort to the world of the internet, you cannot deny that there is no more benefit to living life in an analog format. Almost everything in life that you would need can be done using the powers of digital media and marketing.

If you are starting to transition to the world of digital media or if you are struggling to find your mark in this new confusing environment, then you need to reassess your business strategy. You may have the skills necessary to handle the more intricate business ventures you can encounter, such as deals and trades. However, you cannot have that opportunity if your website does not take off and garner a healthy internet traffic flow.

Just like any other significant change in trends, you would need to learn how to adapt to this current digital landscape in a way that can bring in your target demographics. But you do not have to end up having to sell your brand simply because you cannot hack it in this new modern age. Instead, you can make your website pop all without any expensive digital marketing tools or partnerships by learning these top digital marketing trends for the year 2021.

Bring Diversity in Both Your Brand and Marketing

The year 2021 has brought about many changes in everyone’s lives, with how the pandemic caused plenty of people to re-evaluate their lives. This drastic change in how we handle our day-to-day lives made things quite unbearable for some people. But, as always, we find ways to stand up and continue to fight for what is right and just for all manners of life.

This hardy determination is why it is a massive trend to make your website’s brand feature more diversity and inclusivity in its contents. The media and people agree that this is trend is one of the most crucial aspects of making your brand a success. Take advertisements; for example, these short promotional materials will find whatever they can to signify women empowerment, LGBTQ support, and even racial diversity as much as possible to adhere to the people of the world.

The world is now more connected than ever through the use of the internet, and there is no reason why there should be any walls that divide one person from another. Use that line to your advantage to market your website successfully in this digital world.

Make Your Site Feel Alive by Being Interactive With Your Audience

Trends in digital marketing might seem gimmicky to some people, but that makes them stand out among the competition. You can always make more promotional materials and banners online to spread out your business and brand name. However, people would come to brush all those off as nothing more than annoying fodder on their computer screen. You will also be spending a ton on those advertisement spaces per website that you employ, which is not something that digital marketing for small businesses can utilize.

You can find that the best way for your audience to be drawn to your website organically is to make sure that they have a reason to check out your content. That kind of appeal may be hard to draw in since each person has a personal preference for the things they are interested in. However, interacting with them directly through community polls and other media helps make them feel like your site has something you can potentially provide. You can communicate with them directly to receive feedback on certain aspects that you can use to improve optimization to the masses further.

Prioritize Being on Your Search Engine’s Snippet

Search engines are your best bet at being recognized. Everyone that uses the internet would use various search engines, mainly Google, to find their website. However, not everyone would know what website to search for. Moments such as this would require them to type in whatever query they have. Some would write down things in the form of a question, while others would use keywords to find the item they are looking for.

Your job is to ensure that your website’s content matches these keywords and phrases to ensure that it will show up as a search engine result. However, there are just too many websites out there that it is impossible to find a niche that somebody else has not already taken. Your only chance is to make sure that you are either on the search engine’s featured snippet line or, at the very least, be on the front of the page.

The separated spotlight that the featured snippet has will be the first thing that users would see when using the search engine. It is crucial that the information they are possibly looking for is neatly written and presented as the featured snippet summarizing what you have written down. The more engaging, compact, and precise the information you present, the higher likelihood you have of being used as the featured snippet for that particular keyword or phrase. This strategy is also called the “no-click search” marketing trend.

Invoke a Space for User-Generated Content

One thing that social media has proven over the years is that everyone has a voice. You may be one person in an ocean filled with multiple unknown social media accounts, but you can still make it big if you say the right (or wrong) thing. This validation that people would feel when they blast their feelings online and in public is why you need to personally ensure that they can be a part of your brand or website.

One of the best ways you can utilize that to your advantage is by making sure that you have a suitable user-generated content space ready for your website. This space is where you can allow your customers, audience, and members to post articles or items that contain your brand name. Not only are you helping your audience find a way to feel more at ease and be proud of themselves, but you are also gaining more publicity for virtually nothing as it is considered free advertising.

However, you need to be aware that this space is also something that you should monitor as users can use it to give your products or service feedback. You need to be aware and listen in on the words they say to prevent specific adverse scenarios from going out of control. Try also to control some of the content presented if the user-generated content would end up being nothing but a way to spread hate or prejudice.

High-Quality Visual Aids Can Help Drum Up Business

Not only are you supposed to focus on the look of your website, but you should make sure that the products or content that you produce would contain some personal images. The more photos of your content and products have on various platforms, and it can bring people from other sites right back to yours. You can find this marketing tactic to work best when paired up with various social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even Google themselves.

Similar to how search engine optimizations made sure that people would be getting only the top tier content whenever they type something for search, this concept would also apply to images. Make sure that even on the images tab on Google, you are still on the top of the first few results. There are various digital marketing tools out there that can help formulate the best types of images that you can use to garner the most internet traffic. However, do keep in mind that smaller businesses might find programs such expensive for their taste.

Partner Up With a Professional Digital Marketing Company

Digital marketing for small businesses is some of the most sought-after industries for these agency companies. They make sure that these smaller websites have a chance at becoming the best in terms of publicity using their combination of skills and knowledge. However, it would not hurt to have some of these companies in your employ most of the time.

Larger companies with well-established websites may be able to afford the top digital marketing companies for long-term contracts. However, this expense is not something that most smaller brands and industries can take up, as it could severely deplete your finances. But you can still find ways to partner up with some of these companies to receive their guidance.

This method is technically not a digital marketing trend per se. However, this is an excellent chance for you to have a website performing at its most optimal internet traffic without needing to place so much effort on search engine optimization management.

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white label business

Free White Label Business Opportunities

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The Best Free White Label Business Opportunities

No one can deny the importance of technology and digital marketing in this day and age. Coupled with the growing number of people looking to start their own business, such a link can easily be closed. With white label business opportunities, you can enter the growing sector of digital marketing by creating a high demand business.

A white label business definition is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from a final product and makes use of branding requested by those who purchase it. In simple terms, it is re-branding a final product or service to make it your own. In terms of white label digital marketing, the concept is along those lines.

Online, white label business opportunities are becoming popular because it is an effective and easy way to earn income. The cost of starting a white label business is much lower than any other business types such as private label business opportunities. You just need to know where to get quality products and how to market them effectively so that people are drawn to them and use them. Grabbing such an opportunity is surely a great way to earn your company more profit and value. Since reselling is an easy way to expand your service, you will be able to provide your clients more and be the go-to guy for everything they need in terms of digital marketing.

If you plan on getting into the business of white label opportunities, you may want to continue reading this article to see which area is best suited to your skills or business objective.

The Benefits Of A White Label Business

Now the question comes down to why you should resell white label digital products. For one, there are a number of free white label opportunities that you can take advantage of. We will list some of these opportunities in the next section. For now, let’s focus on the key benefits of such a business.
One key benefit is that a white label business is purely digital. Meaning, there is no need for physical distribution or even a physical store. As a white label business, you can work from anywhere, even the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop. Being able to eliminate physical distribution and a store means you will spend less on business capital. You do not need to purchase cars for delivery or shipping. Moreover, you will save on rent as you can work without a physical office.

Another great benefit of a white label is that you can skip the product development phase. Since you are making use of already created software, no need to develop and test them on your own, chances are this has already been done. Just make sure to research well and make sure it runs smoothly is and is reliable.

Next, more often than not, local businesses need a tech-savvy agency to help them compete or even keep up with larger players in their industry. With a white label business, you can offer up just that. A growing digital market means more people are looking to create a viable online presence to grow their business. With your white label business, the opportunity for boundless revenue is fast growing.

Types Of White Label Business Opportunities

As mentioned above, most free white label businesses focus on digital products and services. These products or services are aimed at increasing or improving the digital presence of your clients.

Here is a list of the top white label business you can get into.

  • Website design and hosting agency
  • SEO optimization agency
  • Online reputation agency
  • Content agency
  • Social media management agency

Website design and hosting agency

Perhaps the most profitable white label business you can get into, website design and hosting, is a rapidly growing market. Though it is highly competitive, the opportunities to become profitable is very high. As more and more businesses are creating an online presence for themselves, the growing need for a well designed and functional website rises. With this type of white label business, you can also add features to make your service more complete. Aside from the usual website design and creation, you can offer up appointment scheduling or live chat software to sweeten the deal and draw more clients your way. This way, you are offering up a complete and comprehensive service—a one-stop-shop for all business needs.

SEO optimization agency

SEO optimization has become a necessity when it comes to the online presence of a business. With an SEO optimized website, businesses can draw in more organic traffic that can be converted to revenue. This is because search engines use SEO to determine your rank on search engine pages. The higher up the website is on rankings, the more likely people will click and visit the site. This is because a higher ranking means more credibility and reliability. The way search engines determine your rank is based on the SEO quality of your site. SEO encompasses more than just a good site. The site has to have viable content with high ranking keywords.
Moreover, the site also has to have relevant and good quality backlinks leading to it. Content must also be optimized towards providing unique and quality resource material. All this can be a handful for some businesses to handle. That is where you come in. With a business offering up SEO optimization, you can take the burden off your clients by offering this service.

Online reputation agency

When a business chooses to take a step towards having an online presence, it is crucial that their ratings are high. Like it or not, a business’s success in the online market lives or dies based on the reviews and ratings of clients and prospects. Most people will take what they read online at face value, meaning the reviews left about a product, service, or business goes a long way into helping them decide what to avail of. As a reputation agency, you will grant businesses the ability to grow and expand by ensuring their reviews and rating remain high. Doing so enables your clients to monitor their standing on the online community and take steps to improve if needed.

Content agency

Content has always been king. This is no less true when it comes to a business’s online presence. Content can range from blog posts, video posts, brand stories, and social media posts. All of these are content that drives potential clients to check out and avail of a business offering. As a content agency, you will be in charge of creating compelling and attractive content that draws in an audience and gives me a call to action. Content is another thing that can make or break a website. With the right content, a business can prosper and grow, but it could ultimately harm your potential with incorrect content.

Social media management agency

Hand in hand with having an online presence, businesses need to have a social media presence. A majority of internet users are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Being able to engage them on platforms they are already on is the key to building up your reputation. Moreover, these sites provide you the opportunity to reach out to millions of potential clients. They can even share and access your content on social media with a simple click. As a social media management agency, you will monitor your client’s account and find ways to reach more people and gain a following. This following can easily become their prospects lists.

Choosing The Right Business

Now that you know what a white label business is, its potential, and the types available out there, you can now move onto deciding which road to follow. When choosing, there are a couple of things to consider.

First, consider your level of expertise. Know which business you have the most knowledge in. It will also help if you have had prior experience in the field. Finding out which area you are most comfortable working with will ensure that you are able to provide your clients with high-quality outputs.

Next, find out which area you are most attracted to. You may be experienced in one area, but if you do not necessarily enjoy working with it, it may not be the best fit. The best thing to do is to find a balance between what you know and what you enjoy doing. This way, you can be more motivated to build and enhance your business potential.

Lastly, consider creative ways to market and promote yourself. As mentioned, this area is very competitive. There are millions of people out there offering up the same products and services. In this regard, find a way to make your offering different. This can be in the form of add-ons or even value-added that others do not offer.

A white label business is a chance for upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups to enhance their offerings in a simple and cost-effective way. With the little revenue, it takes to start-up, the chances of earning a profit is easy to do. You do not have to worry about a high capital, plus you have the opportunity to start a business that is very much in demand.

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7 great grammar websites

Top 7 Free Spell Checking and Grammar Websites

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Spell Check and Grammar Websites

When it comes to writing, editing, and proofreading, I always aim to make sure that my work is as clear and engaging as possible. Having compelling written content allows me to really engage my audience and draw them into what I am saying. One important aspect of achieving this is by making sure my writing form and grammar are as flawless as possible. Being able to present written work that is well structured and free of errors shows professionalism and brings you a big step forward into being taken more seriously about the message you are trying to convey.

Now, as humans, it is only natural to make some mistakes here and there. You can be as careful as possible, but sometimes, typos and small errors find their way into your writing. But luckily, you can make use of software for grammar and spell checking. These tools can easily scan your work to pin-point any mistakes or inconsistencies. Personally, using such software is a huge help when it comes to my daily work as a writer.

I will be compiling a list of the top 7 proofreading tools out there that you can use as a free spell check and/or grammar checking. As much as possible, I made sure that the software listed can do both. That way, you do not have to jump around to check your writing.


Usability: The great thing about Grammarly is that you can use it for virtually any writing. This includes social media posts, e-mails, articles, or blogs. Downloading the chrome extension will have it functioning on all the webpages you write on.

Accuracy: Grammarly is much more than just a grammar checking software. It is more like a comprehensive writing assistant that not only checks your grammar and spelling but also gives you writing feedback. I have been using Grammarly for my writing work for years, and I must say it is a great way to make sure my writing is as neat and flawless as possible.

Value: The free version will do wonders for your writing by checking punctuation and spelling. Suppose you are looking for something more comprehensive. In that case, you can opt for the premium version, which also checks readability, vocabulary, and plagiarism. Grammarly is available for all, if not most, devices including Windows, Mac. It is also available for iOS and Android through there Grammarly Keyboard app.

Total Rating: 4/5. Grammarly is a wonderful tool to edit and check your writing. All things considered, the premium price could be a bit high for first-time writers of freelances looking to save on some cash.


Usability: Ginger is by far the most established grammar checker since it was created in 2007. Similar to Grammarly, Ginger provides free spell check and grammar checking. One key difference is that Ginger can translate your writing into 60 different languages. If you want to improve your overall writing skills, you can update to premium to gain access to virtual writing lessons.

Accuracy: When it comes to accuracy, I was able to paste my work on the web application and maintain the formatting. This is something that Grammarly does not do. Like other proofreaders, it can weed out all the mistakes in your text and give you the correct use. However, unlike Grammarly, mistakes are not listed on a sidebar. Instead, I had to click on them to correct. No big deal, but if you are a sucker for quick workflow, this may slow you down some.

Value: Good news is you can get the basic editing for free. Still not the cheapest platform out there, but you can be assured that you are getting good value for your money. The added feature of being able to translate your writing into different languages will prove useful to those trying to reach a global audience.

Total Rating: 4/5. While you get all the necessary features of grammar and spell checks, it can slow down the editing process some because of the way mistakes are presented.


Usability: When it came to using Whitesmoke, there were a few nuances that you may have to get used to. Making document changes takes an extra step since you have to export the final version as a text document. Generally, Whitesmoke is also slower to use and takes up more time than the two previously mentioned platforms.

Accuracy: If you are looking for a simple software to simply get the job done, and do not mind an extra step, then Whitesmoke is perfect. It is also suitable for businesses looking to save some money on software.
Value: Whitesmoke is by far one of the most affordable proofreaders you can get. This does not mean it compromises on functionality. In truth, it works just as well to get the job done to make sure your writing is flawless.

Total Rating: 3.75/5. Yes, Whitesmoke is an affordable choice, but the overall usability in terms of ease-of-use is not as smooth as it can be.

ProWriting Aid

Usability: The cool thing about ProWriting Aid is that it has a feature called “Echoes.” This shows you overused phrases or words that can be replaced to make your writing more diverse. This software will also give you tips on how to improve your readability and Flesch reading score. Both very useful if you are writing for the web.

Accuracy: The checker is able to accurately underline mistakes, spelling issues, and make suggestions to your writing. It is also able to maintain the formatting of your original document making it easy to keep things organized. ProWriting features various reports that may seem confusing at first, but once you click on them, they easily make more sense.

Value: Overall, the value for what you are getting is well matched. You get a powerful tool that allows you freedom in self-editing, but also keeps things accurate when it comes to common grammar and spelling.
Total Rating: 4/5. This tool is wonderful for those looking to create fiction pieces. The self-editing makes it easy to navigate. Though it may be slower than the previously mentioned tools, it is well worth the try.

Hemingway Editor

Usability: The main thing about Hemingway Editor is that it focuses on helping write true sentences. The application will highlight complex sentences. Sometimes, this can be a bit of a hassle because it really all comes down to your writing style. Unlike other platforms we have discussed, it does not provide you with suggestions or context to the corrections. But it does help in creating a clearer style.

Accuracy: This application may not be the best choice if you are looking for a very comprehensive grammar and spell checker. Though it is very useful in creating a clear writing style. Hemingway does not come with as many features as others mentioned in this article.

Value: Considering that you can easily use this tool for free, I’d say you have yourself a tool that is helpful enough for basic writing. You may want to watch out for more complicated errors, as it may not catch them.

Total Rating: 3/5. This tool is great for writing true and clear sentences, making your writing more concise and to the point. In terms of insight and accuracy, there are not many features.

Grammar Checker

Usability: Grammar Checker is able to comb through your writing for any punctuation, spelling, and form errors. When it comes to shorter writing, it re-writes them automatically. This is something I do not find very helpful. It also looks for synonyms to make your writing more SEO-friendly. For someone who prefers to review and reject edits manually, the automatic corrections are off-putting.

Accuracy: Though it can catch most mistakes and errors, Grammar Checker is not the most accurate out of the bunch. Yes, it has a simple interface, but considering it can only be used on a web browser, this may not be the tool for everyone.

Value: Since Grammar Checker is free to use, it is easily accessible to anyone. But taking into account the usability and accuracy, there may be other choices that better suit the writer’s needs.

Total Rating: 2/3. The paraphrasing feature is not the best. Sometimes it makes it more difficult to convey your true meaning.


Usability: The main pull of Reverso is that it can translate your writing into different languages. It works through a web browser but can also be used offline. Unfortunately, this tool is best used for shorter text. It has a 600-character limit. You can also check out synonyms and definitions since it has its own built-in dictionary.

Accuracy: The tool itself is quite accurate. You can rely on it for shorter writing pieces such as e-mails and social media posts. The translation is also pretty much on point, so you can reach a wider audience if that is your goal.
Value: Reverso is free to use and relatively easy to navigate. With translation features, it proves to be useful in more than just spelling and grammar checks.

Total Rating: 4/5. All things considered, Reverso is a great tool that can give you quality output. Perhaps its only downfall is the character limit.

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turnkey white label business

White Label Turnkey Business

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Turnkey White Label Business

Finding the right offerings in order to start your own business can be a tricky task. These days, there are so many opportunities to build your own business, but deciding on where to start is a huge step. Because you are starting your own business, you will want something that people look for and continuously need. With this in mind, starting up a company based on the continual needs of today’s world leads us to white label turnkey business opportunities.

What Are White Label Businesses?

  • A white label business is one where you resell products or services using your own brand name. The central concept of a white label opportunity is that it is a business-to-business model that involves the manufacturers and the resellers. The manufacturer will develop an unbranded product that resellers can purchase and brand as their own before selling it on the market.When it comes to white label products to sell, there tends to be very little to no cost. You will not have to invest in stocks or start-up fees to get going. How this works is that the reseller will be able to gain a fixed commission on each product they sell. A great benefit of a white label turnkey businesses that you can sell from anywhere to anyone. Such a company can help you gain financial security if done right. Because there are so many opportunities for such a business, now is a great time to learn more and jump into starting your own.

    Getting Into The Business

    When it comes to white label business opportunities, a trend that is growing quickly is selling white-label digital products. These digital products center on selling business solutions to local businesses. Such products aim to manage the branding and reputation of the business. This is done by promoting the business and creating a platform that showcases their success and reviews. In short, it helps businesses with their marketing strategy in order to make them more credible and reliable in the eyes of consumers.

    White label digital products are designed to help businesses gain an online presence by creating and managing their website. It also means making sure their site is optimized in terms of SEO and search engine rankings. Such a business will provide clients with the overall management of a business’s online presence.

    Because we live in an age where consumers’ internet information is highly regarded, managing a business’s online presence is one big key to success. Through providing services in online business marketing, you are opening the doors to a vast opportunity. Businesses will always aim to get the best in this regard making such a product very profitable in the long-run.

    Types Of White Label Products

    Now that you know what a white label business is and how to get started in choosing your product, we can now look into more specific options. A white label software for sale can also mean providing a service to your clients. Such services can be along the lines of:

  • SEO Agency
  • Content Agency
  • Reputation Agency

Each agency listed is aimed at increasing and maintaining the online presence of your client’s business. Such offerings will enable them to grow their reach, making their business more viable and reliable to consumers. At the same time, you can gain a reputation for your work and potentially branch out to multiple sectors and niches throughout different markets.

Choosing The Right Path

Choosing the type of white label business, you want is all up to your goals as an entrepreneur. You will have to decide on what type of expertise suits you best and how you can achieve this. Before you choose, make sure to take into consideration the current market offerings. You will want to select a brand or niche that does not have too many competitors. This will make it easier for you to break into the market with a lot of value-added. Aside from choosing your business focus, you will also have to take into consideration pricing and specialization. Both these aspects are crucial points that will make you competitive to your clients.

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What are some of the best Online Marketing Tools

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

Every day there seems to be some new, hottest, can not do without marketing tool which hits the web. Sometimes I feel as if my head is going to explode with all of the new tools, systems, and services guaranteed to make you a fortune. This ‘magic instrument’ promising millions of visitors to your site and countless dollars in your bank accounts, easily, doesn’t exist. Success online starts with the fundamentals.

These 5 tools, however necessary, don’t replace the 1 ingredient every internet marketer must have, hard work.

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

1. Web hosting. For those who own a domain name, that domain name requires a home. Hosting firms range anywhere from free to over $500 a month for dedicated hosting. The important thing is finding a business that provides 99% uptime and 24/7 support to deal with any issues you may encounter. Your web hosting is the most important part of your entire marketing system. New folks get confused sometimes with the domain name vs web hosting thing and the easiest way to explain it is this. If you buy a car you then need a place to park it. If you buy a domain “Name” it needs a home as well. This is where the web hosting comes in. It gives you a place to park your “Domain Name” so web travelers can find you. Simple as that. So, if you’re ready to get started in internet marketing then you have to have a place to host all the cool domain names you’re about to purchase. 

2. Auto responder. In exchange for the clients email, the marketer offers something of value. The greater the perceived value of your ‘irresistible offer’, the greater the opt-in pace. An opt-in rate is the proportion of people visiting your website and actually providing their email address to your offer. When the client has opted-in, the auto responder will offer pre-written messages delivered in pre-determined dates and times to that client. Auto responders vary in cost from roughly $20 monthly up to a hundred monthly based on the amount of subscribers on your list.

3. Video Hosting. The internet nowadays is all about movie. We have all heard of YouTube. But as a result of pranksters, jokers, and music videos, top marketers host their movies on paid services.

4. I’m old school. The most effective means to sale anything is face to face. However, because the online market reaches global, the next best thing is webcasting. You can sit in the comfort of home and gift to people around the world. Presenting video overviews, product presentations, and live question and answer sessions are all possible with webcasting. Common companies charge anywhere from free to $99 a month and much more.

5. More than 95 percent of internet marketers do not have the time, ability, or the skill to make their own site and lead capture pages. Attempting to learn website design and html code isn’t high on most priority listing. Making the site with lead capture pages and a prospecting system can be very time consuming. That is where site builders come in. You simply customize your pages with numerous templates that include your very own video, your merchandise info, your auto responder and you are done.

These 5 advertising tools, internet hosting, auto responder, video hosting, webinar conferencing, and site builder with lead capture pages and prospecting system are essential to internet marketing and you can find some really great ones listed on this site. Take a few minutes and view our lists and you may be surprised as to what you find. If you’re a new affiliate marketer this is one of the best websites you could have landed on to learn more about SEO Marketing Software

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Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips

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Optimization Tips For Website Traffic Conversion


Is there good traffic to your site but your conversion rate just isn’t as good as you would predict? The reality is that this specific issue can very often explain why you have to understand more about optimizing your traffic for better conversions. There are many high-quality processes available and tricks that you can use to convert that traffic. Here are a few Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips for your online business.

Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips

Split testing

This is a technique that helps you raise the conversion rate by testing different approaches and variations of your headlines, graphics and more. You will discover multiple methods of split testing but almost all of the time split testing will help you to choose which headlines might be best, what content can deliver an improved conversion rate and how to best address your visitors. It’s a good way to better test your potential sales rate and make the most out of your incoming traffic.

Build a sales funnel

Try to entice people to convert. Offer them ways to test your product/service and let them see that the benefits you offer are real. Make sure that you create a connection with your customers because in the end, that’s what truly sticks out. Of course, a true quality offer is necessary here as well, but always remember that a sales funnel that works properly will deliver the best ROI.

Cut the jargon

Use regular speak and avoid using extremely complicated texts. People come to your website to be up to date and not to feel stupid which is why you will need to cater to the needs of your customers. It may be a little hard to do so initially but the outcome will always pay off nicely in the end. This way, in addition, you avoid all the marketing chatter and actually offer value to the end customer for once which is what matters the most.

Always address objections

In the event people don’t like something about your site they will usually let you know so. All you have to do is to listen to the feedback and act on it. Sure, it will probably be tough to see such a thing at first but if you address concerns then you might have the ability to obtain an incredible effect in the least.

Help people trust you

Offer a face to your product, show people that actually use your product, provide them with a way to contact you via phone and just showcase that you are not just another internet scam. People are weary of online companies and for good reasons, some of them truly are scams. Concentrate on showing that your online business is legit and in conclusion the final result can be pretty darn good.

Make it easy to purchase your stuff

Add in support for multiple payment processors, deliver your items online and also ensure that you ask people to fill as few fields of information as possible. The easier the sales process is, the better it will be because they will definitely come back if you choose to make super easy.

Get rid of distractions

Shiny Objects and distractions can make the purchase process much harder so you should avoid them the easiest way you can. Instead, make an effort to bring in a lot of value by making the site easy to follow and process. An easy road to follow is one they will come back to again and again.

Keep all these ideas in mind and you won’t have a problem increasing conversions for your site. The best Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips won’t help you at all if you don’t take action and implement them. Give attention to the little things that matter, test, test and retest and the experience will be great. In the end, you’ll bring them back again and again.



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How To Get Free Unique Articles

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Join Now and get 10,000 free credits if you use the links on this page.

The Best Automated Article Writing Software Ever Launched!

I’m not going to dress it up for you. I’m crazy excited and these are the facts. I’m going to use this amazing software I just found which is an AI to write the rest of this article for me. Starting now…. is the new AI that shatters the status quo of Digital Marketing: it’s faster than any human, precise in analysis, never subjective with decisions, and granular enough to know fine details about your company.

 It also comes at an affordable price, so businesses of all sizes can use this new technology which will make a sweeping impact on not only how data gets collected but what/how companies sell their products or services. 

Jarvis is a revolutionary change in digital marketing, and it’s here for you now!

“Jarvis is the new AI-powered tool that seamlessly integrates with your websites and social media accounts. It’s able to create, optimize, and deploy content specific to keywords and phrases that it learns from you as you use it.”

“What’s cool about this program? Jarvis helps take some of the workloads off your shoulders by doing work for you!”

What if you didn’t need to depend on human ingenuity? What if there was an AI-powered assistant who could help you run your marketing campaigns, grow your brand, and get a leg-up in the competitive business world of digital marketing? Welcome, Jarvis. shatters the status quo of Digital Marketing: it’s faster than any human, precise in analysis, never subjective with decisions, and granular enough to know fine details about your company. 

It also comes at an affordable price, so businesses of all sizes can use this new technology which will make a sweeping impact on not only how data gets collected but what/how companies sell their products or services. 

Optimize your performance with This nifty AI system is designed to make digital marketing a whole lot easier and more effective, so you can focus on what you do best: running an awesome business!

Every time someone visits your store, pokes around for a little bit, and leaves without even adding anything to their cart? That hurts sales. Conversions like that are just lost profits because the potential shopper never really knows what they want before it’s too late – but now there’s to help out!

Jarvis is our new AI machine learning platform that solves in-marketing problems for marketers. If you have a challenge with any of the following, Jarvis can help with content creation & production, audience engagement, data crunching, and business analytics (and more)!

Jarvis does it all, from helping you analyze your digital marketing data to creating dynamic remarketing audiences that will automatically follow the people visiting your website.

“AI is the next big thing in digital marketing.”


Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has emerged as a critical part of digital marketing. As algorithms have become more sophisticated and data sets grow larger, AI can make predictions about what consumers want with increasing accuracy.

I’ll try to break down some of the key ways that AI is being used in digital marketing so you can see how it might be relevant for you: 

-AI is being used to help marketers understand consumer buying behavior better by analyzing large amounts of data. This makes it possible to predict future trends and patterns, which we’ll talk about below. 

-Artificial Intelligence also advances creative decisions by using deep learning techniques such as computer vision or natural language processing (NLP). These are functions that use complex mathematical

As a marketer, you’re always looking for the next big thing to revolutionize your industry. You’ve seen how technology has changed the way we work and live over the past few decades–it’s only natural that this trend will continue as well. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of these new innovations in digital marketing that are shaping our future.

You want to write articles, but you don’t have the time? You’re not alone. Millions of people across the world are struggling with this problem. Fortunately, there’s a solution: automated article writing software! These days, there are plenty of tools available for creating unique and original content on any topic imaginable. No matter what you’re looking for – free article rewriter or free unique article generator – we’ve got something that will help make your life easier and get more readers coming to your site every day!

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the best-automated article writing software ever launched. Read on to find out how AI can help you create content in a more efficient manner!

The Benefits of Automated Article Writing Software

– There are no limits to the amount of content you can produce. You’ll never have writer’s block again!

– The software is easy to use and requires little effort from a human user, which means that it will work for any audience or reader who needs your content on some level.

– You’ll have lots of new content to post on your site, which will increase readership and drive more traffic!

How the Best Automated Article Writing Software Works.

Articles are created using AI algorithms that analyze a set of keywords or phrases from text input (your article) as well as any accompanying images. The software then produces an original piece that is unique yet relevant to the topic provided. It’s like having a personal team of writers without ever actually hiring anybody – talk about efficiency!

The best part: these tools can be used for virtually anything you want them to do. There’s no limit in terms of what type of material you’re looking for, even if it’s a free article rewriter or free unique article generator.

AI is becoming more and more popular in the marketing world as a way to implement new strategies for businesses. AI can help you create free article creator software that will generate articles on autopilot, understand which keywords are most profitable for your business, and even provide insights into what content to produce for your blog that will get you the most traffic.

Adding AI to your marketing strategy can help save time and money while helping you generate more free article creator software, keywords, content ideas for sales pages, etc. This is a great way to ensure that your SEO keyword research doesn’t cost too much or take up all of your valuable free article creator software resources. You’ll be able to find keywords that are in demand with minimal effort using this tool by inputting just two words from an industry.

This free article creator software also comes with a content library that is constantly updated with new articles based on your most profitable keywords and the demand for those pages. This means you can literally spend less time worrying about what to write, worry more about how to make it appealing instead! And if you’re worried this will take up too much of your valuable company resources, don’t be because your employees are going to love using AI-generated marketing tools as well. In fact, they’ll likely find them easier than trying to create their own posts or content when there are so many other demands on their day-to-day lives.

Additionally, these generated blog post titles are optimized for SEO keyword phrases that provide maximum search engine visibility. If you combine this software with an article creator, you’ll have a quicker and easier way to create quality posts.

**I”m back now…. I’m the human writing again….

Over 1200 words in less than 30 minutes and I’m still learning how this thing works. Don’t waste another second. Go check it out now!

Join Now and get 10,000 free credits if you use the links on this page.

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Circle with letter 'i' in address bar

Circle with letter ‘i’ in address bar

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What is that circle with the “i” in my Address Bar?


“omg,. i freaking right now seing this i cion on my google its just cnt tell it right!., can i have old version of my goolge just like few minutes ago,… im not a tech-ky person i just rely on videos and theres no result video on this case,… pls help me”

The above is a quote from a Google forum about this very subject.

If you’re looking for answers to this I found it.

Go here and check it out.!topic/chrome/sghuFVUnUjM

The only reason I’m dropping this in as a new blog post is because it took me forever to find an answer and it’s important. If you’re an SEO or an Affiliate subtle changes to your digital work environment can point to being hacked or malware infestations.

I’m a lot like my Bearded Dragon, I do not fair well with change. (His name is Spike)

So this change sent me spiraling out into left field for about 2 hours and that’s time that I won’t get back so let’s make it a useful endeavor.

This is what the Circle with letter ‘i’ in address bar is all about.

Google wants to make sure that you ( the website owner ) know that regular non-secure HTTP websites are insecure, and offer no guarantee that their website content is transferred securely. Keep in mind that all content is open for any third-party to review and/or modify.


This new icon will help to more clearly convey this point to both webmasters and users alike. Security is super important and this is their way of bringing it to your attention.

Google wants to encourage all websites run security with HTTPS in their “HTTPS everywhere” campaign.

For more details, see:


The “i inside a circle” is just the new Material Design UI graphical update only.

In the previous UI, regular HTTP webpages showed a “blank page icon”.

When you click on it, the information displayed is exactly the same.  Regular HTTP webpages are “connection to this site is not private”, as they have always never been private.

Only connections to secure, encrypted HTTPS webpages are private, and those websites will show with a closed Green Lock.

Keep in mind that you may have other problems or perhaps virus/malware with your computer if you see the “i inside a circle” when visiting or  Both these websites always run securely and should always show Secure Green lock.

To find the cause of the incorrect cert info, please pick one example website, then click the i inside the circle or Lock with Red Cross > “Details” link, which shows the Security Overview in DevTools.  Then click the “View certificate” button

(1) From the “Details” tab, please provide the info for the certificate Issuer, Valid from, Valid to, and Subject.
(2) From the “Certification Path” tab, please provide the list of all the certificates in the authorization list.

Hopefully this quick article has helped you out as this Google Forum helped me today.

Happy Safe, Secure Surfing.

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