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Among the great promises of the digital age is to free people from boring and routine tasks so they can work with more interesting projects. The human brain allows us to reason and think artistically in ways that machines can’t (at least not yet). Unfortunately, many people are still performing responsibilities that are repetitive and, frankly, better done by machines or, in such a case, a computer.

In this article, I’m going to share information about what I feel is the best free online appointment scheduling software and automating the appointment booking process. This applies to you if you’re a hair stylist, a dental office, a masseuse, an essential oil change shop, a psychiatrist, a plumber, or anyone who sets appointments with clients. By automating the appointment scheduling process, you can free your receptionist to work on better, revenue-producing tasks while providing exceptional service to your clients or customers. I personally use it for scheduling demos and one on one website analysis for business owners.

A great online appointment scheduling service or software allows you to set up available appointments for free and allows your clients to plan appointments whenever they choose within the times you set. You can be notified of new meetings via email. How awesome is it to wake up everyday and check your email only to see a list of new appointments lined up ready to chat with you?!?

The booking service will automatically send your customer reminders and, if they need to change or cancel their appointment, they can do it all online.

Additional features available include a way set up payment links as soon as they schedule the online appointment and asking Questions  that you may require answered before the meeting starts. And one of my favorites is the ability to set a buffer time before or after your next appointment. This way you have a breather before your next session.

Costs ranges from free to $10/month and higher, depending on features you want. At a price of totally free, it’s definitely worth looking into to see if it will even meet your needs exactly. You could try setting it up in a test with a few select clients to see how they enjoy it and whether you like it or not. You could run it side-by-side with your paper and ink appointment scheduling system for a couple of months to see if it works for you and then make the decision about whether or not to make the move. The truly cool thing about it is the reality you can still take appointments over the cellphone; you just enter them in the appointment booking website rather than in your old-fashioned paper planner. Intended for your clients who are web-savvy, however, they can make and manage their appointments with you twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. What you just have to do is provide your service and acquire your fee! (Some of the skills will even accumulate your cost for you by accepting credit cards online. I LIKE it when money just appears magically in my business account! )

Now that I’ve described what this software can do for you I’d like to share my favorite Best Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software. The totally free version of the best online scheduling software that I’ve found is Calendly .



I’ve been using this software ( the free version ) for over a year now in both my businesses that require me to do any type of online demo. It’s a complete blessing and I’m happy to share it with you.

The free version is totally sufficient for my requirements however some of you may have different needs. I’m happy to say that they do offer a paid version with more options at an incredible low rate of $8 a month (if paid annually, $10 if paid monthly).

The full feature list is pretty amazing too.



Take a few minutes and check this software out. You’ll be glad you did.



Please keep in mind that all SEO Marketing Software lists are not exactly the same. Depending on your interests you should give them all a quick look. Don’t leave wondering if you missed the Gem you hoped to find.

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