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how affiliate marketing can work for you

How Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You

How Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You

There are many ways to describe affiliate marketing; however, most have much the same meaning. People who market online as an affiliate marketer, have caused it to turn into a legitimate business. In a nutshell affiliate marketing is a cooperative effort between the item creator (also termed merchant) and the affiliate.

From the perspective of a merchant, affiliate marketers are gold, since they do most of the advertising; they are able to easily broaden their reach without significant capital expenditure. By marketing their goods, whether tangible or digital, the merchant is, in effect increasing their sales force without the associated costs. This is extremely appealing, since this enables their wide distribution, while only paying the affiliate when a sale is made.

The Internet continues to grow exponentially, and each day an increasing number of people are trying to find ways to generate income from home; affiliate advertising is at or near the top of that list. However many people go about affiliate advertising the wrong way, making beginner mistakes, then deciding Internet marketing does not work. There are intricacies to affiliate marketing, and with no suitable mentor, or experience, most new affiliate marketers are left with no knowing what's involved in the task.

Over several years I've been blessed to work with many affiliate marketers, and when I work with someone new to the idea, one of the key things I always explain, is the distinction between advertising and marketing.

Statistically speaking, many beginners think purely in terms of advertising, without understanding the marketing part of the equation. Many times these affiliates won't last in what has become an extremely competitive arena. On the other side of the coin are those extremely knowledgeable, and ready to turn this competitive arena into a true cash cow. Those who flourish and conversely make a good living understand they must advertise their website along with the affiliate product they're promoting. While selling and advertising are strong components of marketing, they must be combined in a strategic way, to be able to become profitable affiliate marketers.

The following is How Affiliate Marketing Can Work For You.

In this model, the affiliate marketer is compensated for each visitor they send to a retailer website, who in turn buys the product or service being supplied. The commission varies greatly, and anyone looking into affiliate marketing should be certain they know the commission structure before beginning their marketing efforts.

Apart from product owners, there are affiliate networks developed to cater to people interested in affiliate marketing. There's a great deal of technology involved with these networks, however, this all works behind the scenes monitor sales and statistics.

While there are drawbacks to getting an affiliate marketer (most namely understanding how to market), there are also benefits that permit the affiliate to rapidly change from product "A" to merchandise "B" should they find that more rewarding. Depending on the individual and their commitment, affiliate marketing can create an excellent part-time or full-time income. This is not to say that there is not work involved, this should be thought of as a business, not a hobby, and to succeed it will take persistence and work.

From a business standpoint, affiliate marketers have low startup and overhead costs; however, the challenge isn't in putting a site online, rather than getting targeted traffic (visitors) to look at the affiliate offer.

Deciding to become an affiliate marketer, should not be taken lightly, however it may be an outstanding first step in your online career.

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5 Starting Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

5 Starting Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular for people looking to increase their earnings or start their own business from home with minimal start-up costs. Among the advantages for new affiliate marketers is that you don't have to be a technical guru to become an affiliate marketer. However, there are a few ideas that may help get you started on the right track and avoid some of the pitfalls that can be expensive if you don't know what to be aware of.

Here are 5 Starting Tips for New Affiliate Marketers.

1. Start Looking for unique products to market

If you decide to promote the identical product as thousands of other affiliates you're setting yourself up for the major competition. Whereas finding a distinctive but still in demand product can give you the added advantage of not having to compete with so many other affiliates to find traffic (buyers).

Check out the merchant's affiliate program and tools

Once you first start your affiliate marketing you will find that having signed up to market something which offers a good deal of affiliate support will make your life much easier than having to do everything yourself. It's worth taking the time to take a look at the different merchants prior to making your decisions about products to market. You will find that many will provide you with banners, images as well as in some cases articles and keywords that you can use on your websites.

Some Examples of affiliate tools:


Pre-written emails


Product Images

4. Tracking your websites.

One of the most overlooked aspects of affiliate marketing is the failure by many to track and test their results. This can make lots of difference to the effectiveness of your efforts and how successful you can become by sometimes just making a few small alterations to your sales copy. It is important that you know where your visitors are coming from and how they are finding you, and then track what they are looking at when they do visit your site.

There are lots of monitoring software programs available for purchase, but if you are being budgeted conscious at the start at the very least use Google analytics which is free.

Be sure to check out the SEO Marketing Software on this site before you get started. You'll find that most of what I have listed here is free or free to start. 

5. Passive or re-occurring income.

An affiliate marketer receives a percentage of the selling of a product as pre-determined by the merchant (owner of the product) this can vary based on the merchant. In many cases, this is a one-off sale, but another alternative to think about is promoting items like subscription products, this means that you will get a continuous percentage paid to you each month that the buyer stays a member. Consequently, after having made that initial sale, you do not have to do any additional work to keep receiving an additional monthly payment.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative source of additional income, by just following the tips above you can get started in your new business venture without having to make any major scratches on your wallet.

On one last note, you should bear in mind that setting up an affiliate marketing business is just that a company, so be ready to devote a little bit of work at the beginning and don't get distracted by the promise of shiny objects that can do everything for you.

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Why to use affiliate marketing to start your business

3 Reasons To Use Affiliate Marketing To Start Your Own Online Business

Why Affiliate Marketing For My Business Online?

There are a ton of ways to make money online, but they all fall into one of two categories. You're either going to be selling products or offering solutions. If you wish to build a long-term organization, then product marketing is the route that you wish to go, with affiliate marketing being the best way to start. Here are 3 reasons that you should look into this advertising model for your company.

3 Reasons To Use Affiliate Marketing To Start Your Own Online Business

You Get To Test What Works

Regardless of what countless emails and sales letters like to claim, there's a definite learning curve when it comes to Internet advertising. The achievement of your business will depend on how fast you get over that curve, and whether or not your company survives the early speed bumps. Chances are that you have a long-term business venture in your mind, something which you would really like to spend every day doing. Affiliate marketing allows you to learn the ropes with other markets and products, protecting your "big idea".

You Can Learn Where Passion And Profit Meets

Everybody has something that they are passionate about. You may not get it; but the things which you like, no matter what they are, can be turned into a viable organization. You just have to have the ability to detect the market within your passion and figure out what products this market is willing to buy online. This is another "testing" aspect that makes affiliate marketing an excellent starting point for many marketers. By affiliating with other product founders, you take out the risk that comes with creating your own products. You can find out what aspects of your niche are worth monetizing, and when you determine what works you can develop your own solution and make it big!

Diversity Is the Trick to Establishing Your Business

Around 75 percent of new businesses do not survive their first three years after establishment. This statistic is more challenging to monitor online, but the number is believed to be even greater. There is a very low barrier to entry when it comes to online business, and people who don't have a good plan or education fizzle out quickly. How do you avoid this fate? The remedy is two-fold. First off, you will need to diversify your company as far as possible. By having ventures in numerous niches, you protect yourself in the event of a product idea not panning out or a market suddenly drying out. To make all of this work, however, you need an excellent education. You do not know what you do not know, and you will need somebody who has already succeeded to show you the ropes when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Fortunately, there are good teachers out there. You simply have to know where to look.

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What are some of the best Online Marketing Tools

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

Every day there seems to be some new, hottest, can not do without marketing tool which hits the web. Sometimes I feel as if my head is going to explode with all of the new tools, systems, and services guaranteed to make you a fortune. This 'magic instrument' promising millions of visitors to your site and countless dollars in your bank accounts, easily, doesn't exist. Success online starts with the fundamentals.

These 5 tools, however necessary, don't replace the 1 ingredient every internet marketer must have, hard work.

What Are Some Online Marketing Tools?

1. Web hosting. For those who own a domain name, that domain name requires a home. Hosting firms range anywhere from free to over $500 a month for dedicated hosting. The important thing is finding a business that provides 99% uptime and 24/7 support to deal with any issues you may encounter. Your web hosting is the most important part of your entire marketing system. New folks get confused sometimes with the domain name vs web hosting thing and the easiest way to explain it is this. If you buy a car you then need a place to park it. If you buy a domain "Name" it needs a home as well. This is where the web hosting comes in. It gives you a place to park your "Domain Name" so web travelers can find you. Simple as that. So, if you're ready to get started in internet marketing then you have to have a place to host all the cool domain names you're about to purchase. 

2. Auto responder. In exchange for the clients email, the marketer offers something of value. The greater the perceived value of your 'irresistible offer', the greater the opt-in pace. An opt-in rate is the proportion of people visiting your website and actually providing their email address to your offer. When the client has opted-in, the auto responder will offer pre-written messages delivered in pre-determined dates and times to that client. Auto responders vary in cost from roughly $20 monthly up to a hundred monthly based on the amount of subscribers on your list.

3. Video Hosting. The internet nowadays is all about movie. We have all heard of YouTube. But as a result of pranksters, jokers, and music videos, top marketers host their movies on paid services.

4. I'm old school. The most effective means to sale anything is face to face. However, because the online market reaches global, the next best thing is webcasting. You can sit in the comfort of home and gift to people around the world. Presenting video overviews, product presentations, and live question and answer sessions are all possible with webcasting. Common companies charge anywhere from free to $99 a month and much more.

5. More than 95 percent of internet marketers do not have the time, ability, or the skill to make their own site and lead capture pages. Attempting to learn website design and html code isn't high on most priority listing. Making the site with lead capture pages and a prospecting system can be very time consuming. That is where site builders come in. You simply customize your pages with numerous templates that include your very own video, your merchandise info, your auto responder and you are done.

These 5 advertising tools, internet hosting, auto responder, video hosting, webinar conferencing, and site builder with lead capture pages and prospecting system are essential to internet marketing and you can find some really great ones listed on this site. Take a few minutes and view our lists and you may be surprised as to what you find. If you're a new affiliate marketer this is one of the best websites you could have landed on to learn more about SEO Marketing Software

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Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips

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Optimization Tips For Website Traffic Conversion


Is there good traffic to your site but your conversion rate just isn't as good as you would predict? The reality is that this specific issue can very often explain why you have to understand more about optimizing your traffic for better conversions. There are many high-quality processes available and tricks that you can use to convert that traffic. Here are a few Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips for your online business.

Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips

Split testing

This is a technique that helps you raise the conversion rate by testing different approaches and variations of your headlines, graphics and more. You will discover multiple methods of split testing but almost all of the time split testing will help you to choose which headlines might be best, what content can deliver an improved conversion rate and how to best address your visitors. It's a good way to better test your potential sales rate and make the most out of your incoming traffic.

Build a sales funnel

Try to entice people to convert. Offer them ways to test your product/service and let them see that the benefits you offer are real. Make sure that you create a connection with your customers because in the end, that's what truly sticks out. Of course, a true quality offer is necessary here as well, but always remember that a sales funnel that works properly will deliver the best ROI.

Cut the jargon

Use regular speak and avoid using extremely complicated texts. People come to your website to be up to date and not to feel stupid which is why you will need to cater to the needs of your customers. It may be a little hard to do so initially but the outcome will always pay off nicely in the end. This way, in addition, you avoid all the marketing chatter and actually offer value to the end customer for once which is what matters the most.

Always address objections

In the event people don't like something about your site they will usually let you know so. All you have to do is to listen to the feedback and act on it. Sure, it will probably be tough to see such a thing at first but if you address concerns then you might have the ability to obtain an incredible effect in the least.

Help people trust you

Offer a face to your product, show people that actually use your product, provide them with a way to contact you via phone and just showcase that you are not just another internet scam. People are weary of online companies and for good reasons, some of them truly are scams. Concentrate on showing that your online business is legit and in conclusion the final result can be pretty darn good.

Make it easy to purchase your stuff

Add in support for multiple payment processors, deliver your items online and also ensure that you ask people to fill as few fields of information as possible. The easier the sales process is, the better it will be because they will definitely come back if you choose to make super easy.

Get rid of distractions

Shiny Objects and distractions can make the purchase process much harder so you should avoid them the easiest way you can. Instead, make an effort to bring in a lot of value by making the site easy to follow and process. An easy road to follow is one they will come back to again and again.

Keep all these ideas in mind and you won't have a problem increasing conversions for your site. The best Website Traffic Conversion Optimization Tips won't help you at all if you don't take action and implement them. Give attention to the little things that matter, test, test and retest and the experience will be great. In the end, you'll bring them back again and again.



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How To Get Free Unique Articles

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How To Get Free Unique Articles From This Website


One process that seems to stump everyone is where to get free unique content for their websites when they're just starting out in Affiliate Marketing or SEO. I want to be perfectly clear on this most meaningful fact first: There is NO Substitute for Quality, Unique and Valuable articles for your website. If your intentions are to provide quality for your readers then generate meaningful content that brings them back again and again. I can't stress that enough.

With that said.

There are times when you need filler content for PBN's and other areas and you should know How To Get Free Unique Articles.

This is where the process I'm about to teach you comes into play.

How To Get Free Unique Articles

Step 1: Sign Up for this website's updates and digital news in the banner on the right. When you sign up you'll receive 1500 FREE PLR articles for you to do as you wish. You own the rights and can reprint them or serve them up as your own. Simple as that. I don't spam and I don't waste your time with my mailings. If I find a tool, piece of software or an article that I think you should be aware of because it helps your business then I'm going to fire it off in your direction. That's it. Nothing else. So, start by signing up for my newsletter on the right of any POST on this website. (Not the Hello Bar. You won't get your articles like that)

How To Get Free Unique Articles


Step 2: When you receive your download you're going to receive a zip file of over 1500 articles in over 25 hot niche markets. Pick an article that is relevant to your topic and copy it.

Step 3:  Now that you have your article copied to your clipboard go to: and paste your article in the box. Verify that the bottom of your article matches the article you copied. Spend 2 credits on the Output Syntax and hit the Spin Article Button.

If this is a first time for you it's going to look a little weird but what's happening is there are words being replaced with synonyms in a form that allows us to use another tool to spin that "Spintax". We're going there next.


Step 4:  Now we're going to spin it. Copy all the new Spintax that you just created with your article. It should look something like this:

Sample sentence: {A|The|One} {quick|magnificent|charming|lucky|fast|super|cool} {gold|tan|yellow|white|brown|silver} {beaver|packrat|cat|lion|tiger|fox|dog|wolf} {consumed|ate|pilfered} my {pastry|strudel|cake}

Once you copy all this cool stuff to your clipboard go to this website: and paste your spintax into the box. Hit the spin button below and your new article will appear in the box below it. Easy Peasy!

***Don't let this process intimidate you. If I can do it anyone can. Just follow the steps.***



Step 5:  Okay, now we have a new article.. maybe. Let's clean it up. The next step in the process is to copy your newly spun article and go to:

You will have to create a free account to log in and once you do go to the "New" article page and upload your article. It's as simple as copy and paste.

Let Grammarly do it's thing and make suggestions. This is where I normally just go thru and hit the changes it suggests. Once I clear the screen of all suggestions it's time to take a breather and read your article.

This is proof reading time. Check the article and make sure that it makes sense. Verify to yourself that the words match up and the article flows like you would want it to if you were reading it to someone else. This can get a bit tricky. I'm going to suggest highly that you add words in your article to make it your own. It will help you out on the next step. An example would be if a sentence in your article read: "The bear bit the man's heiny." then you would add a couple of colorful words to make it your own. Such as "The big nasty grizzly bear bit the man's tiny heiny." or something like that.  The point is to make some sentences your own where you can without the situation becoming cumbersome. The entire reason I'm teaching you this is to assist you in saving time and moving on to the stuff that pays you and it pays you to know How To Get Free Unique Articles.

Now that you have this really cool new grammar corrected interesting article let's check it out and make sure that it's unique.



Step 6:  Copy your corrected article but "Leave The Grammarly Page/Tab OPEN". You may have to come back to this page/tab and make changes to your article. Once you have copied it to your clipboard go to:

This is where you paste your article in the Plagiarism Checker and verify that it's Unique. Paste the article, type in the Captcha code below the article and wait. It's going to scan your article and give you a percentage of Uniqueness.

*** Please Pay Attention to this Statement *** Green is Good. Red is Bad. If your article gets the green percentage number you are pretty much in the clear as to an acceptable article for the Search Engines in terms of Uniqueness. If it's RED go back to your Grammarly page and make some changes based on the areas indicated as Plagiarized in the Plagiarism Checker and start your Plagiarism Checking process all over again with your newly changed up article.

As a side note: I personally run the Plagiarism checker until I have a 90% or better unique article. I just feel better about it and that's me. Make it your own process and stay within your comfort zone.



And there you have it.

A freshly spinned PLR Article, speedily spun, Grammarly checked, Plagiarism perfected and ready to post to your PBN or web creation.

Congrats on a job well done!

Now you know How To Get Free Unique Articles!

Just a couple of quick notes.

Once you get good at this process it should take about 10 minutes to produce a fresh unique article from your list of 1500 PLR articles that you just downloaded. I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw and that's about my timing.

Just a tip: Create a folder in your bookmarks that lists all these websites in order of relevance. Open each site in a new tab just in case you have to go back and make a quick change to the article.

As always, I hoped this helps you and adds a little value to your Affiliate Marketing or SEO processes and I'd love to hear you thoughts or suggestions for this site. Feel free to contact me at the email address above or hit me up on any of the social sites.


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Circle with letter 'i' in address bar

Circle with letter ‘i’ in address bar

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What is that circle with the "i" in my Address Bar?


"omg,. i freaking right now seing this i cion on my google its just cnt tell it right!., can i have old version of my goolge just like few minutes ago,... im not a tech-ky person i just rely on videos and theres no result video on this case,... pls help me"

The above is a quote from a Google forum about this very subject.

If you're looking for answers to this I found it.

Go here and check it out.!topic/chrome/sghuFVUnUjM

The only reason I'm dropping this in as a new blog post is because it took me forever to find an answer and it's important. If you're an SEO or an Affiliate subtle changes to your digital work environment can point to being hacked or malware infestations.

I'm a lot like my Bearded Dragon, I do not fair well with change. (His name is Spike)

So this change sent me spiraling out into left field for about 2 hours and that's time that I won't get back so let's make it a useful endeavor.

This is what the Circle with letter 'i' in address bar is all about.

Google wants to make sure that you ( the website owner ) know that regular non-secure HTTP websites are insecure, and offer no guarantee that their website content is transferred securely. Keep in mind that all content is open for any third-party to review and/or modify.


This new icon will help to more clearly convey this point to both webmasters and users alike. Security is super important and this is their way of bringing it to your attention.

Google wants to encourage all websites run security with HTTPS in their “HTTPS everywhere” campaign.

For more details, see:


The "i inside a circle" is just the new Material Design UI graphical update only.

In the previous UI, regular HTTP webpages showed a "blank page icon".

When you click on it, the information displayed is exactly the same.  Regular HTTP webpages are "connection to this site is not private", as they have always never been private.

Only connections to secure, encrypted HTTPS webpages are private, and those websites will show with a closed Green Lock.

Keep in mind that you may have other problems or perhaps virus/malware with your computer if you see the "i inside a circle" when visiting or  Both these websites always run securely and should always show Secure Green lock.

To find the cause of the incorrect cert info, please pick one example website, then click the i inside the circle or Lock with Red Cross > "Details" link, which shows the Security Overview in DevTools.  Then click the "View certificate" button

(1) From the "Details" tab, please provide the info for the certificate Issuer, Valid from, Valid to, and Subject.
(2) From the "Certification Path" tab, please provide the list of all the certificates in the authorization list.

Hopefully this quick article has helped you out as this Google Forum helped me today.

Happy Safe, Secure Surfing.

Build Websites, Build Links, Sell Stuff!

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What Are SEO Techniques

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SEO Procedures and Techniques


Search Engine Marketing or SEO is the deliberate procedure of building backlinks to your internet site to make it rank higher in the various search engines. When your website doesn't rank on the first web page of Yahoo or other search engines, it might be completely impossible that you're able to generate any profits using this website.

So What Are SEO Techniques? You must promote your amazing website creation using search engine marketing or SEO techniques to push it to rank higher organically and achieve natural search results. If you don't use these techniques you won't rank. Search engine marketing could be achieved in a couple of different ways. An example may be on-page optimization, as the other is off-page search engine optimization.

On-page optimization is basically modifying the name, label and meta information of the web site to include the principal keyword that you will be targeting.

That part is pretty simple and won't take up much of your time... in theory. But, off-page optimization is a very cumbersome process and it targets the backlinking process.

You need to construct back links to your site for the various search engines to rank your website higher in their SERP's. A one-way link is a vote and only a specific website and the various search engines count it, therefore.
There are many solutions to build backlinks to a website which helps rank your website higher on Google and other Search Engines.

Quality and unique content are essential for a site to get good ranks on Search Engines. Without good content you'll have no traffic in which to market your product.

Duplicate content is a huge No-No when creating new content for your site. It will not only get your site penalized but it doesn't provide any value to your readers or visitors.

What Are SEO Techniques for bringing a customer back? Unique content gives them a reason to come back and visit again. Always ensure to add engaging content to attract your niche customers to your internet site and make profits by selling your products and services to them.
Marketing with articles is one effective strategy to build links to your site. Write unique essays and forward these to online article directory sites with a one-way link to your internet site in the source box in this article.

This might make Yahoo and the other Search Engines give your website advantageous points and list your website higher in its SERP's.
Publishing quality content on high-quality internet sites is another effective idea to improve your website visibility in the various search engines. You could connect to your website in this article body that you will be submitting to the online networks. This is an excellent one-way link in the eye of the search engines.
Social bookmark creation for your website is one of the very most effective ways to rank your website higher in the serps. It is a superior quality one-way link in the sight of the various search engines.
Directory submissions are another form of linking method that works well in upping your website occurrence in the various search engines. Post your website to high PR internet directories on the internet. Use sites that are highly relevant to this issue of your website.
All the above techniques work in increasing your website's online presence. But, be sure you always provide high-quality content when submitting these to various websites around the World Wide Web.
Quality, Unique and Valuable content for Google, Yahoo, Bing and your readers are your most valuable asset concerning SEO Techniques.

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Should I Outsource My SEO Marketing Projects?

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Is Outsourcing My SEO Marketing Projects A Good Idea?


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most valuable digital skills and assets available to any online business but it has an extremely steep learning curve for the noob business owner.

An SEO project that seemingly should only take a few hours to complete can swiftly turn into a full-time adventure.

Many businesses are simply not able to cope with the loss of manpower it takes to manage SEO properly. So, Should I outsource My SEO Marketing projects? Let's talk about it…


If you don't know the story go check it out. It's one you should be well aware of as it applies to many situations in life, especially SEO.
When Br'er Rabbit took a swing at the Tar-Baby he became entangled, then he took another, then another and the whole situation just kept getting worse and worse and before you know it he was in so deep he couldn't get out.

SEO is much like the Tar-Baby.

You may think that you're going to just do a little now and maybe a little later but there's more to it than stuffing keywords in a piece of content and hitting the “publish” button. Web sites need pages. Pages lead to Content. Content leads to keywords which leads to Tracking, and then there's other considerations such as Schema, Mobile Ready, The Bing Search Engine, The Yahoo Search Engine, Meta Data... and on, and on... it can get complicated. Very complicated. If you don't get it under control the Google Machine will turn its' little spider bot nose up at you as it passes by traveling on to those pages and websites that are properly optimized on all levels.

It can get sticky and then you have to make sure the parts are all in place and working together.

Another one of my favorite analogies.

The SEO Engine Analogy.

You see, SEO is much like an Engine. You can lay out all the parts on the garage floor and you may actually be able to assemble some or just enough of the parts to make that engine run. But if you want it to run properly then all the parts have to be in their correct place. If you want it to run better than your buddies engine then you have to add more parts. Upgraded parts, super charged parts...  and fine tune it, and tweak it... constantly.

SEO is the Exact Same!

SEO is the engine that runs free organic traffic (The Money) to your online business and outsourcing parts of your SEO can be considered "Parts" of the process. (helps the engine go)

So that brings up the question about outsourcing SEO Marketing Projects.
It is certainly something to consider if you understand why it can be either an invaluable asset or a web site killer.

I'm very serious about this. It's not to be taken lightly.

If you're going to consider outsourcing your SEO be sure you know who you're giving the job up to. Investigate your outsourcer. Do your due diligence. Make good decisions. Don't Be Lazy Here!

Tips On Outsourcing To:

SEO Agencies and Lone Wolf SEOs (Me ← Lone Wolf SEO)

You're going to find that most agencies and Lone Wolf SEOs are really good at what they do “IF” they have proven results and recommendations to back them up.
Even a rookie SEO can prove to you he/she knows what they're doing by sharing some proven rankings with you. IF they are reluctant to share even a single URL that they've ranked on page one then move along.

Snake Oil Salesman found here.

After you have completed your due diligence and investigated the SEO or SEO Agency then, by all means, outsource to these folks. This is what we do. We rank websites and properties on the big Google Machine. Feel comfortable outsourcing to these guys. (us, me)

Bits and Bites of SEO Services

Individual Gigs and services found at places like Fiverr and SEO Marketplace are great for DIY business owners and SEO agencies alike. Just make sure to be very careful when choosing a gig to purchase.

These individual gigs can save you a ton of time and “busy work” but they can also come back to haunt you.
When choosing to outsource to places like these make sure you check out their latest reviews and take the time to actually “read the reviews”. It's important to the future of your business.
Some of the folks behind these gigs may not have your best interest at heart and will destroy your online business with Black Hat SEO Techniques. Not Cool!
Do your due diligence and make sure they are trustworthy before you make any purchase.

This is a sure thing.

Virtual assistants are an invaluable resource to consider when outsourcing SEO Marketing. If you know what you want from a VA then it's a time saver and a money saver. I have several VA's that I outsource different jobs to and it makes my life so much easier.

My business flows seamlessly (most of the time) because of the processes I have in place and outsourcing the busy work is a must.
The above are two great resources for VAs

Should I Outsource My SEO Marketing Projects? Absolutely! The most important positive mental notes to take away from this article is simply this: Outsourcing your SEO is the best thing to do for any business. Let the experts handle all the heavy lifting in the field of their expertise- SEO!

And two, outsourcing your SEO in small chunks is okay too as long as you investigate the source you're using to the fullest degree.

There's a huge difference between being lazy and being a great manager… and that difference is usually found when checking out the bottom line of your P&L Statement.

Should I Outsource My SEO Marketing Projects? Your call...

Happy Outsourcing!

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Which SEO Software Is Best

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Is There A Best SEO Software?


This is such a loaded question let's talk about the most important factor involved before discussing Which SEO Software is Best. Let's talk about the “Why” first.

Why are you looking for SEO software in the first place?

Are you a Pro SEO or Agency and looking for heavy duty enterprise software to run your agency or are you a lone wolf SEO like myself who just likes to stay as efficient as possible? Are you an Affiliate Marketer looking for tools to make your job a little easier? These are all questions that matter and should be answered before you move into the particulars about SEO Software and Tools.

The reason you should answer the above questions first is because all tools are not the same. Which SEO Software Is Best? Well, my SEO tool house is much different than a good buddy of mine that runs a 6 figure a month agency. His focus is on Enterprise level SEO Software and tools that allow multiple users, have huge a range of analytics and can handle massive amounts of data with ease. I'm in the same game, handling the same caliber of clientele but I can accomplish the same mission with a handful of (some free SEO software tools) Saas tools. If you're a DIY Business Owner you probably have no clue what you need to start or where or maybe even why? Information overload can happen quick if you're this guy. An affiliate marketer (which I also dabble a bit in) will be more interested in conversion software and tools that make the sale once they drive the traffic to their site.

The answer to the question is simple once you decide where you are in the mix of things. Which SEO Software Is Best? The best SEO Software is the software that fits your exact needs at the current time.

SEO Marketing software will give you the best and most efficient way to optimize your websites, track rankings, develop content, handle submissions and other processes that are important to capitalizing on website monetization.
FYI: Every search engine software developer has developed the best product available so don't be surprised when they all claim to be number one. Keep in mind what we discussed earlier, the best search engine optimization software is the tool or tools that assist you on your level of expertise.

There are so many different types of software available that I'm only going to make a couple of recommendations during this article. However, the reason you're reading this article is because you're on a site that has tons of choices broken down into the categories that we discussed above.

Pay attention to these key factors when searching for software and you'll find exactly what you're looking for.
Easy To Scale

You should choose an SEO tool that is capable of creating a well integrated, continuous and automated SEO process.  A good SEO tool is the one that acts as a core system for managing all SEO related activities.  Make sure that the SEO software you choose is recent and up to date with your niche.

Link Building

Links are the basic necessity of any website. More the number of links, more active and productive is the website. Hence, the SEO tool should be capable of managing the existing links to your website and find high-quality link sources.

Adaptation and updates

Check for a software that provides automatic updates. Avoid buying the one that does not provide upgrades.  The reason behind this is search engines always upgrade their system and make the ranking algorithms much complicated.  Outdated SEO techniques result in lesser productivity and are considered spam in some cases. A good SEO tool should always provide frequent updates and stay in line with search engine requirements.

Rank checker

The SEO tool should be able to perform a variety of SEO related activities such as – measuring traffic, tracking the website rank, checking the popularity of the website on social media and other things. The SEO tool should be able to generate different types of comprehensive reports by collecting relevant data, evaluating the progress of an SEO campaign and furnish essential data to the clients.

Keyword research

Keyword research and optimization plays a very important role in website optimization. The SEO tool should be able to analyze and optimize the keywords and suggest alternate ones if needed. Keyword optimization determines if your website gets traffic from that keyword or not.  Hence, the SEO tool should have a great integration capability with other keyword research techniques.

Customer support

Choose a company that provides expert advice within reasonable parameters.  The company’s philosophy on customer support will help you in knowing how reliable and genuine the company is.  The customer support team should do their job professionally, without the need of continual guidance and clarifications.

SEO market is always flooded with SEO tools that ensure huge traffic and profits in less time. Rather than choosing such tools, choose the one that people have used and are satisfied with.  Go through product reviews and active online forums to know about the quality of the SEO tool.
A few Must Have Recommendations and Areas To Explore for:

SEO Firms and Lone Wolf SEOs

Ahrefs: Must have for any SEO serious about value in backlinks
Majestic: I burn this site up researching for clients
SEMRush: Awesome Analytics and great for competitor research
DIY Business Owners

I'm going to give my buddy Rand (The Wizard of Moz) all the props for creating one of the most user-friendly areas for noobies ( New Guys, beginner.. you get it) If you have NO CLUE what SEO is all about this is a great beginner area just for you

Start Here:
The Best Online Tool I could recommend for a new DIY'er would be:
Google Analytics:
Go here and start poking around and start learning the in's and out's of basic analytics.
The secret here to not try to understand everything but to take massive action and get involved in something. It will happen for you just don't give up.

Affiliate Marketers:

You have to know what's trending and where the next big thing is coming from so you can get there first.
To find out, go here → Buzz Sumo: for keeping up with trends
You know who your competition is.
Do you want to know their keywords? Keyword Spy:

There are so many SEO Marketing Software tools available that it can be overwhelming to try to take them all in. Don't get caught up by Shiny Object Syndrome and lose your day just sifting thru software. Find something that fits your need. Get comfortable with it and stick with it.

Productivity Pays Way More Than Curiosity in our world.

One last thought.

Give some consideration to outsourcing small SEO jobs to places like Fiverr and My Favorite SEO Marketplace. Not only will it save you time but sometimes it's the small tweaks and processes that can make the most difference.

More ab0ut outsourcing your SEO Here: Outsourcing SEO Jobs


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