5 Starting Tips for New Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is becoming popular for people looking to increase their earnings or start their own business from home with minimal start-up costs. Among the advantages for new affiliate marketers is that you don’t have to be a technical guru to become an affiliate marketer. However, there are a few ideas that may help get you started on the right track and avoid some of the pitfalls that can be expensive if you don’t know what to be aware of.

Here are 5 Starting Tips for New Affiliate Marketers.

1. Start Looking for unique products to market

If you decide to promote the identical product as thousands of other affiliates you’re setting yourself up for the major competition. Whereas finding a distinctive but still in demand product can give you the added advantage of not having to compete with so many other affiliates to find traffic (buyers).

Check out the merchant’s affiliate program and tools

Once you first start your affiliate marketing you will find that having signed up to market something which offers a good deal of affiliate support will make your life much easier than having to do everything yourself. It’s worth taking the time to take a look at the different merchants prior to making your decisions about products to market. You will find that many will provide you with banners, images as well as in some cases articles and keywords that you can use on your websites.

Some Examples of affiliate tools:


Pre-written emails


Product Images

4. Tracking your websites.

One of the most overlooked aspects of affiliate marketing is the failure by many to track and test their results. This can make lots of difference to the effectiveness of your efforts and how successful you can become by sometimes just making a few small alterations to your sales copy. It is important that you know where your visitors are coming from and how they are finding you, and then track what they are looking at when they do visit your site.

There are lots of monitoring software programs available for purchase, but if you are being budgeted conscious at the start at the very least use Google analytics which is free.

Be sure to check out the SEO Marketing Software on this site before you get started. You’ll find that most of what I have listed here is free or free to start. 

5. Passive or re-occurring income.

An affiliate marketer receives a percentage of the selling of a product as pre-determined by the merchant (owner of the product) this can vary based on the merchant. In many cases, this is a one-off sale, but another alternative to think about is promoting items like subscription products, this means that you will get a continuous percentage paid to you each month that the buyer stays a member. Consequently, after having made that initial sale, you do not have to do any additional work to keep receiving an additional monthly payment.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative source of additional income, by just following the tips above you can get started in your new business venture without having to make any major scratches on your wallet.

On one last note, you should bear in mind that setting up an affiliate marketing business is just that a company, so be ready to devote a little bit of work at the beginning and don’t get distracted by the promise of shiny objects that can do everything for you.