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Google has some extremely effective Free SEO and Affiliate marketing tools which every webmaster, SEO and Affiliate Marketer should be using. These marketing tools will make any website or online business run more proficiently. Check these out!

Google has become the dominant search engine on the Internet. It might be hard to imagine the web without Google. Actually, after thinking about it, I wouldn’t want to try to imagine the world without Google. As frightening as that may seem to some folks it’s a fact. I wouldn’t want to work the net without the ability to “Google” something. My entire career is based on SEO and Affiliate Marketing Tools.


Be it good or bad, Google has permeated into almost every aspect of our everyday activities. Being “Googled” is now a common expression and one that the world knows well. It’s commonplace speak now. New Google products are reaching our markets faster and faster and further increasing Google’s influence on our lives.

Despite this dominating show of force in the Search Engine World, many people still have no idea that Google offers some excellent free marketing tools for SEOs’, Business Owners and Affiliate Marketers. These are Marketing software and tools which can prove extremely valuable to any webmaster or marketing expert trying to promote their sites or products online. Useful tools that will make your promotions easier and much more profitable.

Don’t be fooled by the ‘free’ label, these marketing tools might be free but there are also extremely valuable. One even wonders why such a Search Engine Power House would be giving away these tools and services for free? It probably makes good business sense in the long run, by providing these free tools Google is fostering a great deal of company good-will and building up the Google brand name in the process. Good PR is always a good business decision.

Every online marketer and webmaster should be taking advantage of Google’s good-will and snapping up these professionally run services and marketing tools. Here’s a quick run-down of the 10 most valuable and free Google Online marketing tools:



1. Google Analytics- My Favorite

Perhaps the premier marketing tool proposed by Google. It’s popular and found useful to both the SEO, Business Owner and the Affiliate marketer. Google Analytics gives you a daily snapshot of your web site. Google Analytics analyzes your traffic, where it comes from and how it works once it enters your site. All options of this tool are absolutely free.

Google Analytics is extremely valuable in analyzing your marketing channel, it tracks all the steps prior to your sales or checkout site. This is vital information for elevating your conversion rate and ROI.

LINK: http://www.google.com/analytics/


2. Google Sitemaps

Webmasters may use Google Sitemaps to very quickly place newly created pages on their site into the Search Index. This is an XML file that is uploaded to Google as new pages are added on your site. Needless to say, this is often a valuable service for any webmaster or marketer who wants to get their information on the net quickly.

LINK: https://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/docs/en/about.html


3. Google Alerts

Be notified when someone or another site mentions your site or describes your business name and information. Great way to keep track of your online activities. A wonderful way to monitor your entire online business interests and products.

LINK: http://www.google.com/alerts


4. Google Froogle

Froogle is Google’s price directory for shoppers! This simply lists all the lowest priced options for different products on the internet. For marketers and webmasters who are promoting products, it should be studied and analyzed. Properly optimizing your websites SEO for Froogle is extremely beneficial.

Follow Froogle or Google directions on exactly how to list or screen products on your site. Froogle will send their spider to your site and display your prices and products to thousands of targeted customers. That, as they say, is priceless!

LINK: http://froogle.google.com/


5. Google Checkout

Not really exactly free but for those marketers who use AdWords – for each and every $1 spent on AdWords you can process $10 free of charge. You can also place the shopping cart emblem on your AdWords advertising and take advantage of the prestige and trust the Google brand name has built up.

Over time marketers may find it to be very effective and valuable.

LINK: https://checkout.google.com/


6. Google eBlogger

Blogging is now vitally important to the health and functioning of your website. No site should be without at least one blog and RSS feed. Creating a blog (online journal) on the main topic of your internet site or product will bring in extra traffic and targeted customers. eBlogger is a simple free blogging service that even lets you submit or post your blog files to your own internet site server. Remember, each blog has that all important Google Blog Search bar.

LINK: http://www.blogger.com/


7. Google Toolbar – Enterprise Edition

Try the new Business Enterprise version of the Google Toolbar for your enterprise or business. You’ll find that it integrates many features with your entire employee or corporate network. These could include a common customer database, company calendar, financial news and much more.

Keep in mind that Google also ranks every page it indexes on a scale of 0-10. While it is important to know the Web page Rank of your personal pages, it is more important to know how well your competitor’s pages rank as well. You can utilize the toolbar to find the page rank of each page you’re visiting. Incredibly helpful information for site owners, SEO Agencies and Affiliate Marketers to know when forming online connections or business arrangements.

LINK: http://toolbar.google.com/T4/enterprise/


8. Google Groups

Every SEO and Affiliate marketer knows the important of having a sizable contact list of folks with a similar interest. Social networking will play an increasingly important role in your success on the web. Just look at the growing popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Google groups is another form of social and business networking that all online marketers should be aware of and pursue.

LINK: http://groups.google.com/


9. Google Adsense

1 simple way to generate income from your web content is by using Google Adsense. Just put the Adsense code on your site and receive a check from Google each month. To get webmasters who are not really into online marketing (can such creatures truly be found? ) Adsense can be a painless way to earn extra money from your site.

For professional SEOs and Affiliate marketers using the Adsense system it can supply a tremendous amount of marketing information on their keywords in their particular market. It keeps the digital marketer informed on what keywords are being bid on and exactly how much advertisers are willing to pay.

Adsense also has a fantastic tracking system you may use to keep track of your entire webpage portfolio.

LINK: https://www.google.com/adsense/


10. Google Writely (Docs)

A recent addition to Google’s stable of free products. DOCS (Writely) is a full featured online writing editor with spell check and great collaborating features. This also lets you distribute your articles directly to your blogs. One feature that may be of interest to marketers, it lets you save data files in the favorite download format of PDF.

Let’s face it, until video overwhelmingly takes over the entirety of the web in four or five years time – the written word continues to be king on the net. It is the medium that market segments will use to market all their items and get their point across. It may always be the staple of advertising in our society as well as on the web.

LINK: http://www.writely.com


Don’t forget – Google Trends: This Google program will let you search popular trends, important for marketers searching for the latest hot product to promote. You can even break down these trends by different areas. This is one of my core tools when investigating a new niche market. Sometimes it’s the reason why I choose a particular market.

LINK: http://www.google.com/trends


I’ll be the first one to tell you to always take advantage of all the free SEO Marketing Software and Tools available to you. This website is a huge resource for just that. Although some are pay, most are free or free to try.


Build Websites. Build Links. Sell Stuff!!


FaviconPlease keep in mind that all SEO Marketing Software lists are not exactly the same. Depending on your interests you should give them all a quick look. Don’t leave wondering if you missed the Gem you hoped to find.

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